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Service #29-Will the real men of this nation please stand up!

It has been quoted β€œIf a man eating lion was released in America it would die of starvation!” Kelby addresses the hard issues dividing men and women today and outlines clear God given roles in the family in a very passionate address to us all!

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Kelby, over 90% of the church's today are 501c3, that means that they are government sponsored. This is a direct violation of the Constitution and also the scriptures. This means that these church's are actually not allowed to do many things such as, come against ****sexuality, *******ism, transvestites, transgenders, race mixing and so forth. At least they are not allowed to do this openly because if they did they would lose their 501c3 status. However, they need to come out of her. When God Yahweh says for his people to come out of her, he is talking about the system.

All of these church's should come out of the 501c3 status, and not to be aligned with the government. Also women are not to rule over men, even though women are taught to do so. It is interesting, at least it was in the past, that most states sided with a woman in just about every court.

A lot of people don't know this but according to the FBI two out of three rape cases are thrown out of court because of a lack of sufficient evidence, and because to many women yell rape when they weren't. I have known *******s to destroy marriages because they contact the wife and state an untruth about her husband. I have also known wife swapping. I have never been married. Why?? I refuse to be involved in pre-marital sex. The bible condemns it. I have women hating me because I want to establish the relationship with God Yahweh and Jesus Christ in the center of it. However, most women don't want this because they are taught to rule over men. Besides, why rape a woman, All you have to do is to go up to a woman, introduce yourself, and then say "Let's f***. Chances are she will say yes. Do you think I'm lying. I use to see this all the time in the military, in college, and on the job. I worked with a black guy at the state hospital, he worked midnight. One evening on his shift he had sex with two women. All he did was to ask. I haven't had a date for years. Why? because many times, after a date, I'd have the girl literally strip naked in front of me. I would say no, and then the girl wanted nothing to do with me, and of course I would be blamed for it.

When I was in college; and a few months after turning my life over to Jesus Christ, I would go to the beach on campus. I would see women that went to my church laying on the beach sunning themselves. They would be naked from the waist up and they would be laying on their backs. When I looked at them with astonishment, they would tell me to stop lusting after them. I'd tell them, "How can I not lust after you, you are half naked." these girls would threaten to call the police on me. How hard is it for these women to cover themselves up and be a little modest in their appearance. When I was in the movie, "Flags of our Fathers," I had to compliment the women that were in the movie because they were dressed from neck to ankle. It was a pleasant sight to see them dressed so appropriately. We don't have this any more. I have been kicked out of church's and have church people hate me because I would rather do it God Yahweh's way. So in that case the church people think that I'm perfect, and they stay a way from me. However Jesus Christ tells us "to be perfect as our Father in heaven is perfect." (Matthew 5:48) Jesus Christ is telling us to be perfect in his laws. In other words, "Don't go to church, but be the church." The church is in you not in the world. So every time we say that nobody is perfect, or that I am not perfect, we are calling Jesus Christ a liar. However, Jesus Christ is not talking about making mistakes, he was and is talking about his laws, the ten commandments, and his precepts that are written in you. You can make all kinds of mistakes and still be perfect in God Yahweh's eyes.

What is the biggest difference between Christianity (true Christianity) and Satanism?? True Christianity is a male driven belief system, and Satanism is a female driven belief system. In true Christianity the blood line is in the male gene. This is substantiated in science. In Satanism the blood line is in the female gene. Whether or not a man is the head of his house hold or not, he will be held accountable. It starts with a relationship with God Yahweh first, your race next, and all other races secondary. True Israel are the white Caucasian, Celtic, Anglo Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred people in the world today, and I can prove it.

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09:05:33     From  SAMSUNG-SM-G950U : watch let us pray for those who are controlling the weather and ask our Father what we should be doing regarding this weather control.  help to expose this madness.
09:06:20     From  Skip Barland : Women have different strengths than men. God made it that way because both male and female strengths are necessary for the family.
09:07:42     From  Marcia Alec : women's lib started the division many years ago.
09:14:23     From  Arthur Hayday : I do not seem to be able to hear the broadcast
09:15:26     From  Traci White : Arthur refresh your computer
09:15:36     From  Arthur Hayday : yes maam
09:15:47     From  Traci White : Or check your speakers
09:16:55     From  Marcia Alec : the feasts are important as is worshiping on the correct day is, if you want the truth research them.
09:18:34     From  Marcia Alec : Christians and Jews need to come together. That is biblical.
09:25:50     From  Traci White : God wants us to have that relationship with him everyday and not judge one another on what day we do or don’t worship on.

ROM 14: 5 One man esteemeth one day above another: another esteemeth every day alike. Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind.

MK 2:27 And he said unto them, The sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath:

28 Therefore the Son of man is Lord also of the sabbath.
09:26:23     From  Traci White : So yes I agree that we all need to come together!
09:33:01     From  Alex T-D : If Kelby can raise a daughter, he can teach to women πŸ˜‚!
09:38:30     From  Andrea Pryce : Kelby
09:39:03     From  Skip Barland : God's plan for marriage has always been one man and one woman…

Genesis 2:23-24
New King James Version

23 "And Adam said:

β€œThis is now bone of my bones
And flesh of my flesh;
She shall be called Woman,
Because she was taken out of Man.”

24 Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh."

Also in the Old Testament God instructed the the kings of Israel…

Dueteronomy 17:17

He must not take many wives for himself, lest his heart go astray. He must not accumulate for himself large amounts of silver and gold.
09:39:11     From  Encounter Ministries : Amen Kelby
09:39:39     From  Andrea Pryce : you can say anything word you want because God did not create anything that's bad all He created Hw says it was GOOD.
09:40:02     From  Alex T-D : You know someone messed up when Kelby gets heated on the prayer call 😜!!
09:41:12     From  Andrea Pryce : yep
09:42:14     From  Arthur Hayday : thanks to the system of current Government that is just as much part of those disappearances
09:46:13     From  Andrea Pryce : the Bible says many books are written DONT believe them all.
09:48:19     From  Arthur Hayday : trust in your soul, your soul knows and is of God.
09:51:31     From  Arthur Hayday : now they make it illegal to take the phone from the child
09:52:33     From  Encounter Ministries : Amen again Kelby
09:54:12     From  Skip Barland : Amen πŸ‘
09:56:20     From  sonny Hall : Lord, help us walk in that perfect love that casts out fear
10:00:18     From  Alex T-D : β€œLoving someone includes telling them how to avoid hell, not because you wave your finger at them, but because you don’t want them to burn β€œ ~Jordan B Peterson
10:01:42     From  sonny Hall : Lord, help us to be good managers of the resources, people, knowledge, and opportunity that you give us
10:02:39     From  Encounter Ministries : Stay strong my brother
10:03:10     From  Arthur Hayday : love you too Kelly, thank you! thank you for being there for me!
10:05:11     From  Arthur Hayday : sorry it's Kelby
10:05:45     From  Encounter Ministries : I love you!  Man. Kelby
10:06:53     From  Ingrid Yolanda : Thank you, Shalom and Blessings all!!!
10:07:12     From  Steve S : Amen!
10:07:39     From  Arthur Hayday : Amen Kelby. Thank You