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Guaranteed Issued Individual/Group Insurance that is PRIVATE - Q & A

Guaranteed Issued Individual/Group Insurance that is PRIVATE - Q & A

This is Kelby here as Executive Director for Health Coverage Foundation.  As our pledge to you, we have found true health insurance that is private.  Just read and follow the below instructions.  If you have questions, we hold a Zoom call every other Thursday at 9:00 am to answer your questions live with a licensed agent.   When enrolling with the below link, remember that you can use your Foundation Tax ID number and they will accept it.  This is real insurance with guaranteed acceptance. Attached are the guaranteed issue health plans. (actual insurance) Below is the plan summary, and the enrollment link.

If you have any questions, you can join us every other Thursday at 9:00 am. 

Zoom Link for Q & A's:  Click Here

Past Meetings of Q & A:  Click Here



There are 4 MECS and 3 rich Value plans IHP Basic, IHP Plus, and IHP Premiere. Any single person can purchase these plans all year long.  

  • Guarantee Issue, no medical questions to enroll
  • NO Deductible, and NO Deductible on prescriptions
  • No Co-insurance
  • PPO Nationwide Network
  • Available in all 50 States
  • No age band-One rate Nationwide
  • Available ALL Year long
  • ACA Compliant
  • Covers both in-network and out-of-network

Coverage Costs

All Plan Benefits Outlined

Insurance-MEC Plan 1 SOB PY 2022.pdf
Insurance-MEC Plan 2 SOB PY 2022.pdf
Insurance-MEC Plan 3 SOB PY 2022.pdf
Insurance-MEC Plan 4 SOB PY 2022.pdf

Insurance-IHP Basic SOB PY 2022.pdf
Insurance-IHP Plus SOB PY 2022.pdf
Insurance-IHP Premier SOB PY 2022.pdf
Insurance-IHP Ultimate RBP SOB PY 2022.pdf

Insurance-Preventive & Immunization Sections (Eng) PY 2022.pdf

The Network is Multiplan PHCS Practitioner & Ancillary network.  Here is the link:

You can also call 877-952-7427

Documents for you to Review


Here is the Enrollment link for the Innovative Health Plans to enroll HISAdvocates Members.

Get Health Insurance now   ***Important note – this platform is only for you Members to enroll.

So we get the credit, please use our assigned Agent Code: KSCA007

Picture of what the Enrollment Screen looks like:

You will need the following information to enroll:

- Name
- Email
- Address
- Date of Birth
- Social Security/Foundation TIN
- Payment method
- Same for Dependents

Get Health Insurance now

  1. After clicking on Get Started Now, you will need to enter your information.
  2. It is helpful to use the same password for all.  As a member, you will have the ability to change your password once the enrollment is confirmed.
  3. After entering your information, you will enter the agent code in the field named β€œPlease Enter Your 6 Digit Agent ID Below” KSCA007 here: (we know it is 7 digits)



There are 4 MECs and 4 MVPs (minimum value plans)

The 4 MEC plans cover Part A, and the 4 MVP plans cover Part B of the Tax requirements.

A company only needs to provide one MEC plan and one MVP plan to their employees, and they will meet the tax requirements just by offering the plans.

Innovative Health Plan Group Benefits

  • Guaranteed Issue – no medical questions
  • No deductible and No deductible on prescription benefits
  • No Coinsurance
  • National PPO Doctor Network
  • No age band-One rate Nationwide
  • Member can purchase the Ultimate plan which includes chemo therapy/radiation, dialysis, and transplants  
  • Lower out of pocket max
  • Allergy services included
  • Ambulance included
  • Second surgical opinion included
  • Better customer service

Only need 5 employees to get started!

Interested in Group Health Rates, please fill this document out and submit this document as an attachment to with:

Your Name, Company Name, best Phone Number and Email.

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