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Episode 11: A State of Being with Kelby Smith - QUIT THE CORP! PART 2

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The Plot Thickens!!!

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn’t exist!

This is the famous line from the movie Usual Suspects about the mysterious character Keyser Soze! (The Devil!) A notorious drug lord that amassed great power and wealth by having EVERYONE work for him!

Who stayed in power and wealth by never allowing that EVERYONE to know that they worked for him! They were his employees without even knowing that he exists!

I have a secret to tell you! As a U.S. Citizen you too are working for Keyser Soze, rightly known as D.C.

I have another secret to tell you! YOU CAN QUIT!!!

Tune in for this recap and update as Kelby reveals the deception of the corporation known as the District of Columbia and how to QUIT THE CORP PART 2!

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