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With everyone desiring to become a state of the Union Citizen, it is imperative that you follow these instructions to the letter of the request.

For Assistance with Passport

1. Join as VIP Membership at $49 per month here:
2. Purchase the Passport Services Here:
3. Print this agreement and sign:
4. Then create a support topic here:
5. Scan and post your contract onto that support ticket
6. Load your contract to that support topic you will find here:
7. Make sure all pages are on one file.  
8. Click here and input all your information:
9. Let us know when you have completed everything by posting so on your support link here:

For Assistance with the Full Living in the Private Program Call Us at:  (844) HIS-Advo (447-2386) Ext. 705

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The goal of asset protection planning is to insulate assets from claims of creditors without perjury
Starting your own Self Supporting Ministry or Humanitarian Founation Church/Ministry

Crypto Training

Gun Trusts

Apply to the Department of State as a state of the Union Citizen

Private Consultation

Start a consultation on which direction you should go
Online Privacy, Cell, Encryption, Cryptos, Security and More.
Gun, Land, Living, Revocable, Irrevocable and more...
Getting your difficult questions answered

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