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For Passport Process

Commit to 12 months of VIP Membership and we will handle all the passport documents for you. Including, applying as a state of the Union Citizen, All Rebuttals, and getting your Certified Copies of your Passport Application.
1. Join as VIP Here:
2. Print this agreement and sign:
3. Then create a support topic here:
4. Scan and post your contract onto that support ticket
5. Post to us your commitment of your desire to have us do the passport process for you
6. Commit to a VIP membership for 1 year in writing on your support ticket.
7. Load your contract to that support topic you will find here:
8. Make sure all pages are on one file.
9. Click here and input all your information:
10. Let us know when you have completed everything by posting so on your support link here:
*Includes HISAdvocates handling all the application process, rebuttals, and the ordering of your certified copies of your passport application which is your evidence of allegiance and status.

State Citizenship passport process documents and all responses to the Department of State to receive it.  It is the beginning of the journey as you have 70 plus documents that need to be done and filed to deal with all your adhesion contracts.  Please consider our Living in the Private Program by calling for a free consultation at 8444472386 x 705.  Otherwise you can get started today (which you should) by simply getting to work on the passport as this is one of the hardest/longest parts of the process.

The below information is only the start as it gives you the main training and access to being able to apply and receive a passport as a state of the Union Citizen.  There is much more.  If you are interested in a free consultation to our Living in the Private as Free men under GOD always need to be placing what they do at HIS feet. That will help you find your way. The only thing I can suggest is for you to contact us to have clarity and understanding of our Living in the Private Program. We do not publicly publish this information.

State Citizenship Webinar Playback Links:
Level I - state Citizenship Passport

Level II- state Citizenship Passport

•    Playback good for as long as you are a VIP Member.
•    Passwords change every month.
•    Just request new passwords if you need more time to watch.
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