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Notice to VIP Member Cell Phones and Email Addresses Just Prior to Show

VIP Members Only Show

Mission to Freedom - Been in lots of prayer this last few weeks and I have been responded to.  My call is to train up GOD's people to know who they are and to help them get there.  My VIP show is going to start translating into trainings on Who Are You in law, in Christ and on this earth as a Self-Governed man or woman under GOD.  Be prepared as to you might hear things that stretch your mind, heart and spirit.  This will not be for the faint of heart as I will be very direct!  God bless us as a Nation and People under GOD.

Link will go out 2 to 4 hours before the show to your email and text.

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ChagaChris posted:

I had a judge tell me in the private, that asking for a state troopers foreign registration act paperwork had no bearing in law. He then said if I raised that subject while representing myself I cannot represent myself. My next hearing is a representation hearing which will be on the record. I would love some input 

I heard of going to the clerk of the court and requesting a subpoena duces tecum, then listing specifically what is being requested the clerk subpoena from the agent (i.e. foreign agent registration statement, certificate of registration as a peace officer, bond, w-9, insurance, certificate of registration with the department of transportation, oath of office).