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Want to get your state Citizenship *Passport Application done for you by HISAdvocates?  You can sign up for our VIP membership now by Clicking Here

1.  Join as VIP Here:
2.  Print this agreement and sign:
3. Then create a support topic here:
4. Scan and post your contract onto that support ticket
5. Post to us your commitment of your desire to have us do the passport process for you
6. Commit to a VIP membership for 1 year in writing on your support ticket.
7. Load your contract to that support topic you will find here:
8. Make sure all pages are on one file.  
9. Click here and input all your information:
10.  Let us know when you have completed everything by posting so on your support link here:

*Includes HISAdvocates handling all the application process, rebuttals, and the ordering of your certified copies of your passport application which is your evidence of allegiance and status. 

For Free Membership Only:  Register in the fields below, we will give you a phone call giving you direction on what you can do for your situation.  This will give you an opportunity to discuss your situation or find out how our memberships may assist you, please fill out the below informational form to start your help now.  Or you can call (844) 447-2386 Ext. 705 to discuss your situation.  Our VIP Membership is the best internet value and only $49 per month.


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