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HISAdvocates Town Hall Where VIP Members Collaborate

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HISAdvocates Town Hall Where VIP Members Collaborate

In times past a good community meant a good foundation and in the center of that foundation was the town’s hall. This is where all concerns that could affect the members of that community were raised and discussed for effective solutions.

The coming together to collaborate on these things is what helped protect and develop these towns into wonderfully thriving communities.

HISAdvocates is a growing community, and we would like to foster that same town hall environment for our members. Coming together on issues such as traveling, health, vaccines, mandates, current events, God and more!

We look forward to collaborating with all our members! Come one come all the hall is open!!!

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We take great honor in the work we do to support you in your quest for freedom. At times, people have asked how they can give to our ministry and bless us directly to further our mission to free the world.

If at any time you would like to help, please bless us with any amount you feel appropriate.

We receive this offering from you, with gratitude, as it will help the overall work of the ministry.

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