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Episode 197.5-HISAdvocates.TV-Refocusing on What is Important

There is a saying that He is Coming or that We are going to be raptured out of here and into heaven. Kelby goes into some truths that we need to stay focused on this season.

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One vision that I had is when God  Yahweh actually took me to the cross. I stood before the cross looking up at Yeshua Christ. I was standing right next to John the divine and Christ's mother was standing right next to John on John's left side, I was on his right side. Yeshua was crucified naked, and there was blood all over the place. Yeshuah's back was toward Jerusalem, and that is why God Yahweh couldn't look at Yeshua. Now you know why Yeshua called out to his Father stating, "Why have you forsaken me." God Yahweh rejected Jerusalem and Israel in the middle east at that time, and still does. Believe it or not, the New Jerusalem is actually now in the United States, though it is in dormant state. What we are going through is a spiritual warfare for the reestablishment of the New Jerusalem which will be in the United States. We must endure all of what is going on. As I stood there looking up at Yeshua I was reminded of the Gospel of John 10:31=34 which refers to Psalm 82.

True. I think that the hardest thing to is to stand back and do nothing, and let yeshua destroy his enemies. I think many of those that will be destroyed are many of our own people, and you will have to stand back; no matter how hard it is, to not be involved unless Yeshua calls you into the action. Another thing is that the church's are going to be torn down, and also much of the establishments. There is much more that will happen than what we are told, and we need to stand back and let Yeshua do his thing. We have to endure in order for us to learn and trust in what Yeshua has done for us. It is now time for all of us to take a stand and say no, and be willing to stand a lone knowing that Yeshua has your back.