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This is the main reason I joined HisAdvocates - that we place our Heavenly Father first!  The Blessings we can receive is limitless!  Our Blessed Master Jesus gave us the Lord's Prayer - I believe that this one Prayer alone has so much Power!  I believe that we could see a swift swing in the direction of the way things are coming down, if only we would Just think of what if everyone in this Nation awakens and begins each new day with this Prayer, or stops and gives this Prayer 3 times a day or even by the hour if possible - of what will happen? This one Prayer, praises and gives Glory to His Name, and acknowledges the Kingdom of His Glory and asks for His Will done here on Earth as it is in Heaven. We ask Him to provide us with our daily bread and forgive us of our sins and those who have sinned against us, and asks Him to protect us from the power of temptation and deliver us from evil.  An finally acknowledges - For Thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory to come forever!

After all Jesus acknowledged His Father 1st in everything He did and even gave the Father the credit for what the Father did through Him. Jesus even said we could do the things that He did and even more can we do!

Many years ago, I asked a leading Pastor - why I had never heard a sermon concerning this and I also asked if he knew anyone who actually was doing these things and the pastor simply turned away from me with his nose stuck up in the air and walked away.  I've known for many, many of years we were in trouble in the churches.  I've visited almost every denomination of church and found it was amazing that most all of them taught the Bible in the same way.  I found I was not allowed to ask or get any of the answers unless I followed the same pattern, but I didn't fit the pattern and wanted to know. So I had to find out for myself.

My Mother, always said - I'll just go to the Chairman of the Board - that being God, Himself.  That's all we can do, because the road is very narrow and less traveled - it's likened unto a latter - only one can go up it at a time.  The reason we're in so much trouble is that people get caught up in their circles of comfort which becomes a very limiting to them, and they don't realize it. It's like an exclusive club to them and its so ridiculous! If they have something so wonderful, why would you want to not share it? This is how it begins when we are children, the children follow the steps of the parents and look at what's happened with this kind of practice. The whole world has become divided.  I found that I could never fit in to any kind of circle, especially when I read the rules in some of them.  I tried but could never give my allegiance to any of them. I always followed my heart because it would always tell me when I was uncomfortable. However, I did want to belong and be accepted by others, and I always felt left out. After the many years I've lived, I've found peace with this. I realized I was never alone! God was always with me even when I struggled. And, the only reason I struggled is because I had not put God in my heart first!  Now, I've learned to be more content knowing I have always had my own path! as God is acknowledged - leads the Way!  I find myself very comfortable in joining HisAdvocates!

Janet Daniel