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Forced COVID Treatments in Sydney Hospital with Police Holding Down Patients

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@John O posted:

I would write a letter to the hospital admin, requesting they prove that ventilators are safe and don't cause extra water in the lungs and that there's a third party who has information that it does. Then tell them if your cousin dies you'll be charging them for the loss and of the estate property which is herself

Yeah, John!  And I will tell them that if she dies, the family is going to require an autopsy.  By the way, why does the family not report the case to the police for hospital kidnapping?

And by the way diabetes is 100% treatable being in ketosis. The body must stay in ketosis and it will regulate and make its own sugar it needs from fat. Otherwise anyone that eats carbs and can't process any sugars properly including fruits, will store fat and burn sugar. And the sugar mixes with the bad cholesterol and clogs your arteries it's not fat that clogs arteries or cholesterol it's sugar that mixes with the LDL that causes artery closed

They are REALLY going after the unjabbed! My cousin in California is currently going through something very similar to this right now!. They have had her hospitalized for 24 days now. She originally went in because she was in great pain due to dialysis and ended up with some kind of bacterial infection. Right away they tested her for CV and she was they re-tested her and said it was positive! They immediately placed her into an induced coma for 3 freakin days and isolated ALLL her family from her. They placed her on a ventilator during this time.

I've been calling and praying for her throughout this whole time, being in a different state and geting information from her husband, who though is legal, has not managed to understand enough of what the docs have been saying or being able to articulate back to them in english so well. She has been begging for them to let her go and even called 911 because she wanted to go home. This past week they said she had a kidney infection, but is doing better. Her husband. not being jabbed, is only allowed about 30 minute visits, while my cousins sister, who is jabbed, is allowed to stay for hours!

I talked to her a tiny bit the other day and she wanted to go home in a very raspy voice due to the tubes they had down her throat. She is breathing now on her own, but she startled the heck out of me because she said they are trying to kill her in there! I called her husband today and supposedly she is doing a bit we shall see! I cannot believe this is happening in California, even with all the madness its government is already implementing, but give me a freakin break! It appears ALL sinus problems, colds, flu's, etc.....have ALL been cured, as CV is the ONLY thing that people can catch today......and all it's variants! Disgusting pieces of crap! One of the MOST terrible things to hear coming from a loved one who can barely talk.....they are trying to kill me! Her sister (vaccinated), my cousin as well, says it may just be the drugs and that they know what they are doing there and she may just be hallucinating.....I'm keeping tabs on this and I'm hoping she gets out before the end of this week. I have already voiced my concern and that she should not be there very unsettling.

I hope some learn from this, that if you have to go and they test you, if its negative, they will want to trst AGAIN to get a positive and once they do........your placed into isolation and it seems they run amok of their so called ****ty protocals on the sick without them even knowing what the hell just happened to them!