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FAUCI, The DOJ, the FDA and the United States Corporations Federal Marshals have kidnapped, Silenced and Jailed the Bishops of "The Genesis II church of health and healing" for utilizing their sacrament (MMS, CHLORINE DIOXIDE) to cure and heal millions.  The U.S. government filed a false claim against the Bishops and said that Chlorine Dioxide is dangerous and that the Bishops are using this solution to harm people.  The U.S. Government have confiscated all the material necessary to make this solution from the Bishops, they have Frozen their accounts and have left their families destitute.  Please research this solution Chlorine Dioxide.  Do not believe what google and the main stream media tell you about this solution and the Bishops.  The Bishops, Mark Grenon and his 3 sons do not have criminal records.  They are being held without bail, without indictment or trail for an indefinite amount of tome since July 2020.  Please go to and  to see how this solution will CURE and HEAL l man-made viruses.  Big Pharma does not want you to know this.  That is why these Bishops were Silenced and Jailed.  Please help. Go to: to help support their families and allow the Bishops to continue to fight for FREEDOM.   The Bishops were forced to shut down thier website and their site filled with thousands of testimonies of how this solution cured their diseases.   Please, please help.  They need your prayers, your support and your contributions.  Thank you.