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Episode 6- A State of Being - WEAK SAUCE!!!- CALLING ALL MEN!!!

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Private citizen?? You dont have to walk around with anything on your face. As for taking over an account….?? Why does everyone worry about the things in this world instead of seeking the face of Yeshua? Why does everyone want and seek riches in this world or take over the accounts that were made in the world of FICTION?  Why do people think you need to be a state citizen or a state national to be free when the Lord Christ has already set us free? Why does someone need something to prove there status to others when the only status that matters is the status of your heart with the Lord God? We are not to idolize anything. But yet people think we need to have a little book to claim a status…?? Do you think the Chinese/Alliance/Russia/NWO/Antichrist etc will care what status you are when we/America goes down? The status you need is your name written in the lambs book of life.

1.  Once you become a private citizen, will you still have to walk around with a gag tied to your face? 

2.  Once a state national and you claim your minor estate, what would one do to take over their own bank account that was created by the corp?

3.  I've been denied a copy of the long form of my birth certificate by the dept of vital records.  What can I do moving forward?

They are required by law to accept a religious exemption but you must understand you cannot give them a reason to claim that your giving them an undo hardship to the Company, they can deny your exemption no matter what. Most employees are protected under the civil acts rights law title VII of 1964

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