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Membership Benefits-VIP Member

VIP Sign-Up Link: Click Here

For VIP Members, you are now a part of the exclusive Club which includes many benefits.

VIP Membership Benefits Include:

-We will support you 100% (Creating Documents) in the state Citizen Passport Application process which includes all rebuttals.  This also includes the ordering of your certified copies of your passport application (VIP Membership must be maintained through entire process)

-Access to our VIP Show where you can ask live questions to be answered by different people/experts on all kinds of topics: Click Here

-Access to our the Collaboration Discussion on Travelling Freely Show where you can participate in finding remedies for travel in the changing world:  Participate Here

-Response on most all your support topics/question and needs with various support/experts
      *Post VIP questions here: Click Here

-Private Line Phone number for any emergency that you may have (See Terms of Service on limits)
      *Toll Free: (844) 447-2386 Ext 705

-Full Access to the Living in the Private Group: Click Here
      *Learn Public vs Private
      *Understanding state Citizenship
      *Operating Privately
      *Living on-line Privately

-View 100% of which includes a massive amount of VIP Content (Extensive). This one benefit alone will pay for your membership over and over. There is a vast amount of uploaded information that is exclusive to our VIP members.

-Access to all past VIP Membership Shows: Click Here

-Access to Extensive Knowledge Base

-Private on-line communication with other members