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Contact Tracing Discussion

Contact Tracing Discussion

Please join us to discuss how to handle legally the threats that are impending with the just released contact tracers around the nation.

Bring to the discussion any law, forms, information that you feel pertinent to the discussion. 

Make sure you have your camera on and mic muted.

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The Dems- oligarchy will continue until the American public become educated enough to understand that they have no rights and need to stick together on the issues of freedom and liberty.

The corporate government will continue its abuse in one form or another; mostly know a false flags, including release of virus's over the past 4 presidents reign. Of course they being helped by the big media corporations and others - Gates - Soros - Vatican with huge sum's of money.

The unregulated militia was formed in the early years for a reason

Today we have none ?

However there is the NJ 2nd amendment assoication

Second Amendment “Super Friday” at the Spreme CourtATTENTION: Following 2nd Lawsuit, NJ2AS Will Hold Weekly Livestream Thursday April 30th at 8:30pm

This type of protection could easily be established in all 48 state for the American peoples safety; as we are not sure of what the corporations have in mind for us next

Gratitude - keep moving forward