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Payment Link-Passport Application Purchase-$598

-Cost: $598
-Timeframe to completion: 4-12 weeks (Plandemic)
-All paperwork done for you - You submit
-Support through the entire process
-Assistance in getting certified copies of the Passport Application

This video series will include Level I & Level II Training Combined in one purchase- Get the latest technologies and information.  This training will have all the tools needed to apply as a "state" Citizen for a passport through the Department of State and so much more. 

Get a new understanding words, definitions, law, & court cases in this class.
There is an absolute difference between the United States citizen and a national
(8 USC 1101 (a)(21) - "state" Citizen).  We will show you all supporting case law
and how allegiance and teach you how to read through the law to show the
corruption that they are trying to place onto the People to turn them into surety
through adhesion contracts.


  • Help you move yourself towards understanding what is a national.  (state Citizen)
  • Education on how to properly apply for a passport as a national.  (state Citizen)
  • Get certified copies of your passport application signed by an agent for the Department of State head which confirm your status of your application.
  • Remember, the application belongs to you, the passport belongs to them.
  • In depth training on state Citizenship Passport application process
  • Explaining to Department of State why it is lawful in the event they request further information
  • How to get certified copies of your passport application
  • Notice to Public Franchises – (Government/Corporations)
  • Understanding contracts and how to mitigate through them
  • Break down of words and court as a private man
  • Challenging jurisdiction
  • What is a Court of Record
  • Training on lawful interaction with governmental franchises
  • Privacy in all areas of your life