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Episode 190-HISAdvocates.TV-State of the Union Citizen vs Sovereign citizen

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Kelby all that you say has merit, but there are so many gurus out there and trying to survive with minor differences in their approaches, but all know what they are talking about for the most part, and all have only minor differences, but most aren't getting the numbers they need to stay solvent. Have you heard the expression; 'United  We Stand, Divided We Fall"? If all the movements could hammer out their differences and come together as one , for the People , by the People, what might happen is scary to think about, but in the end will be the only road to success.

Look at what they are doing now, and say with a straight face that the money and power will win if those of a like mind don't unite. Just a thought that's been on my mind for a while, but I don't have long left, and letting those thoughts and actions out. If your chose security over liberty, you'll have neither, and the way it looks, that's already the case!

100% except for the fact that nobody is dealing with ALL the contracts.  Blessings over your heart. 

Elizabeth Strickland, I scanned 5 pages and whether the original or organic constitution, the people are not a party to it. It is a contract between the states and WDC, for a list of services to be provided to those states. The only difference being incorporated,, or not, aha war between the states, never declared or ended by any lawful authority. The people have been asleep for 160 years while the corporations and industrialists put their money and power to work for global control, and especially the western countries, and we have been useful *****s and helped them build their empire in our name, but they are not us, we have been the victims of fraud!

When the lawsuit rambles on about every alphabet agency and detail of a constitution, it is not to the point, and only a state can be sovereign but as a corporation all parties that take corporation money consent by not saying no, as you must declare to each and every agency that connects you to them and be self sufficient and self governing. This means you have to know your rights to have then and forgo all benefits promised by them, except the ones they owe you by the constitution, either one. The lawsuit is fruitless and just rambles facts about details, when in my untrained opinion, it should be about whether the LAWYERS who wrote it ever had the authority to do so. Everything is in the congressional records if you can find and read them. Powerless president Andrew Johnson many times protested what happened in the congress leading to the 14th Amendment and the beginning of this mess. The military took over, and stopped senators from some southern states from voting to ratify 14 , when they were a functioning government and ratified the 13th, turned away by force, and their seats filled with yes men.

Yes , if the original Constitution was to be reinstated, it would make everything that happened since the 1850's a crime, as a few presidents died under strange circumstances when out of office and in, but you only know about the ones that were shot, or made famous, and not the ones that may have been poisoned or made sick.

In conclusion, as a lay man, I would say if you were to file a lawsuit against the organic constitution and the corporations, it should only use the congressional records and file it on whether they had the authority to change it ? Lincoln was a bar lawyer and forbidden to hold office by the original, and wasn't so honest! That war wasn't declared, or ended with a treaty, it was an attack and a surrender , and general order 100 by Abe that put the military in charge, and it never officially ended in the corporation and military. That's my take on what I read, but I am not qualified to make such assumptions or opinions,/ Please do your own research, I think there was a reset in 1850 and the goldrush was the excuse fore all the strange things that happened then. I am not long for this world and is why I speak of such stuff now .