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False Flag COVID-19 Pandemic Depopulation Program Exposed Iatrogenic Death Cult - Dr. Ben Edwards

AMAZING Video to Foward to Friends and Family

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Regarding the (it's not a vaccine) jab, which in the world of synthetic bio-nanobot is a programable medium that will infest and reproduce so that all nerves (autonomic) and neuron synapsis (brain) can be read, reprogrammed, and controlled.

The research and capability is years in the making and has been actively used.  In the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing now some sixty years in existence, programs like DARPA's "Avatar Project" are coming to a new expanded meaning.  Imagine, and "hive mind", where the contents of your mind and body can be digitally uploaded into the cloud (Big Data) and have a "virtual existence."

All now so very do able and with an effort that will stun you.  The Jabs Planned (5 of them) will deliver a person into the next evolution of mankind (the utopia envisioned by the psychopathic cabal and science community).  As Klaus Martin Schwab so clearly in his World Economic Forum (WEF) and global reset states, "You will own nothing, but you will be happy!"

Think not?  Read the Bible, the times are ..... , Well it's coming!

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