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Below is another “fake news” report from your friendly St. Louis Federal Reserve.  The Foreclosure Crisis isn’t even close to being resolved.  Pensions are failing, houses are being foreclosed with fake documents and housing prices have reached unaffordable levels while wages remain flat.  This isn’t even close to being the end of the crisis.  Until the real issues are resolved America cannot recover.

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The St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank study, “The End Is in Sight for the U.S. Foreclosure Crisis” states:

The Foreclosure Crisis at a National Level

Mortgage Bankers Association data show that the U.S. foreclosure crisis started in the fourth quarter of 2007, when the combined rate reached 2.81 percent, a level that exceeded its five-year moving average by 0.67 percentage points, more than any other previous level. Given that the combined rate stood at 3.2 percent in the third quarter of 2016, this suggests that the nationwide foreclosure crisis has not yet quite ended. However, based on the rate of decline in recent quarters, the data-defined end of the crisis on a national scale is likely to occur as soon as the first quarter of 2017. (See Table 1.) Indeed, comparable data from Lender Processing Services, as shown in the recently released Housing Market Conditions report from the St. Louis Fed, also suggest the foreclosure crisis is nearing its end.

The Foreclosure Crisis in the St. Louis Fed’s Eighth District 
Figure 1 displays the share of mortgages that are seriously delinquent or in foreclosure in all seven Eighth District states for the period 1980 through 2016. To determine the duration of state-level foreclosure crises, we examine two thresholds: a nationwide benchmark and a threshold unique to each state.3
Table 1 provides beginning and ending dates for the foreclosure crisis nationwide and for Eighth District states using the nationwide benchmark. 
That study, by William Emmons, was dated December 2016, and it predicted that the trendline nationally was that the “end of the crisis on a national scale is likely to occur as soon as the first quarter of 2017. (See Table 1.)”; so, one can reasonably assume that the end of the cause of the ‘recession’ of 2008-2009, is finally being reached, just about now.
However, unfortunately, after mortgage-debt having soared to unprecedented heights right before the 2008 crash, it has remained overall (irrespective of foreclosures) rather stable at or near that peak, and has been slightly rising again since 2013:
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Inflation News

The stage has been set for high levels of uncertainly, and with uncertainty comes opportunities in commodities, posits Lior Gantz, editor of Wealth Research Group, who also sees opportunities in disruptive technologies in the medical arena.

US YOY Inflation Rate

Your Investment Portfolio Must Be Supercharged by March—mine is.

This has been the most important week of 2017.

The trends that are now in motion will set the tone for the entire year, and there are critical statistics to align with.

Back in 2012, when Obama was in office, inflation rates were at 2.5%, precious metals stocks were extremely overvalued, gold was priced at $1,800 per ounce, and Europe and China were slowing down.

10 Year Gold Price

Today, after a five-year downtrend, gold has begun moving higher since 2016.

Four consecutive down years in a sector has only occurred 1% of the time since the 1920s, and five down years has almost never occurred.

Gold Appreciates on Negative Treasury Yield

Uranium and coal are also up substantially after five and six years of downtrends.

Going back to the 1920s, here’s the data Wealth Research Group found on fortunes earned for investors on down year trends:

Down Years

Today presents a rare opportunity in commodities.

What is truly a fundamentally essential key to understand is that today’s investing environment is unique. On one end, inflation is rising in the U.S. while interest rates are rising, which means that lending is going to pick up steam. This is all while the new president, who is pro-business, is creating uncertainty in foreign relations.

Uncertainty Is Soaring

This is a genuinely useful chart, as it points out loud and clear all the fundamental reasons for which gold and silver prices will continue higher.

Uncertainty, coupled with the rising inflation that keeps real rates negative, is the ultimate environment for gold—Fed tightening periods have been wealth-generating moments in the past and are going to be so once more.

This week, Germany has finished repatriation of 300 tons of gold bars from the United States.

Germany’s central bank has established the return of its gold reserves to domestic vaults by the end of 2017, three years ahead of schedule.

Not only Germany (the only European superpower) left, taking drastic political measures with its reserves, but China, the new global force, is also dumping treasuries at an alarming speed.

China's Central Bank Sticks with Bullion

No financial analysts from global hedge funds to private equity are noticing an unprecedented phenomenon—Wealth Research Group is the only financial newsletter pointing out this divergence. Governments are now exhibiting high uncertainty, while the business sector is astonishingly optimistic.

There’s a record-breaking amount of cash waiting to be invested today, and the biggest buyers with the deepest pockets are large financial institutions and big pharma.

The majority of my contacts in the pharmaceutical industry have told me that managements now have an “open checkbook” and should be looking at two types of companies:

1. Patent-Based Disruptive Technologies: A company that displaces an established technology and shakes up the industry or a groundbreaking product that creates a completely new industry.

2. Personalized Medicine: Tailoring of medical treatment to the individual characteristics of each patient. The approach relies on scientific breakthroughs in the understanding of how a person’s unique molecular and genetic profile makes them susceptible to certain diseases.

This same research is increasing our ability to predict which medical treatments will be safe and effective for each patient and which ones will not be.

Personalized Medicine

The baby boomers are indeed approaching their 60s, but they are spending a fortune on making sure they stay young and vital physically.

Personalized medicine small-cap companies are exactly what cash-rich big pharma wants because these are high-margin businesses with patented intellectual property, which gives them a competitive advantage.

2017 is a unique year to invest. Commodities have turned higher for the first time in five years, and cutting-edge technologies are hunted for by mega-wealthy multinational corporations.

Trump’s administration is going to continue to make it easier for deals to materialize.

Investing in the future by positioning now is the formula for investing in disruptive technologies in the medical arena, and companies that sincerely strive to improve lives will flourish.

Lior Gantz, an editor of Wealth Research Group, has built and runs numerous successful businesses and has traveled to over 30 countries in the past decade in pursuit of thrills and opportunities, gaining valuable knowledge and experience. He is an advocate of meticulous risk management, balanced asset allocation and proper position sizing. As a deep-value investor, Gantz loves researching businesses that are off the radar and completely unknown to most financial publications.

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Below is another “fake news” report from your friendly St. Louis Federal Reserve. The Foreclosure Crisis isn’t even close to being resolved. Pensions are failing, houses are being foreclosed with fake documents and housing prices have reached unaffordable levels while wages remain flat. This isn’t even close to being the end of the crisis. Until the real issues are resolved America cannot recover.Read More...
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