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VideoPower of PrayerService-Prayer & Worship

Service #67-Prayer Time- A Powerful Message on Healing

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Kellby,I changed my email,from szinaranykorszak to

These is also efects to be a body of (people)

Is hard to get my email back.The one I used to sign up to you sight.

My prayer, Heare wee are  Father Who are in Haven.Wee are one body of people,in your congregatione,just like the internet congregatione.A reality check ?As Kellby sayed.But what is reality ?

The truth is.Five years member of his advocate.But I only know all of you true your Soul.If you meet me fizicaly,it shows in my life,,is hard to shake your hand,,And wee are one body of people ? Yes is you check the black law dictionery,,people,,I agree.

Good words of wisdom.  Thank you.

Regarding sabbaths:  God rested on the 7th day.  We have rest every day in the LORD Jesus Christ.  (Hebrews 4)  Therefore, everyday for the Christian believer is the sabbath or a day of rest.  The Jews have set sabbaths and so do witches where they engage in religious rituals and observance.  But Christian believers should be observing the goodness of God daily so it doesn't matter when believers gather together.  Tradition places "church" on a Sunday as the early church met on the first day of the week.  But tradition does not have to be followed.  E

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