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Service #46-Prayer & Worship for All-How Did Jesus Really Pay For it ALL.

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09:04:04     From  John Johnson   to   Kelby Smith(Direct Message) : Hi Kelby
09:11:19     From  John Johnson : Sometimes God rebukes a member ..tough love πŸ’˜
09:12:27     From  Terry Gabrich : I don’t go to church because over 90% of church’s are 501c3 which is a direct violation of the scriptures and also the Constitution. The  1st Amendment give church’s tax free status. Also, I am Christian Identity, and I won’t be a part of a race mixed church since God Yahweh condemns race mixing. I will never go on a date with a woman that is out of my race.
09:18:17     From  Terry Gabrich : Remember God Yahweh hates Esau Malachi 1. I also suggest that you go to Amazon and get the books entitled, β€œDo All Races Share in Salvation? For Whom Did Jesus Christ Die?” by Pastor Dan Gayman and also”Will the Real Israel Please Stand Up! by James N. Jester.
09:18:33     From  David James : Hello everyone !   I'm here, but can't stay. I offer Blessings, and Prayer for you in need. Prayers for the children, Grandchildren. Last week we had two asking Prayer assistance, so this is for you.
09:19:52     From  Terry Gabrich : I
09:19:55     From  Terry Gabrich : I
09:21:27     From  Terry Gabrich : I’ve been involved with demonic possession in the past. Not too much now because they run a way from me. They are afraid of me just like Satanists are.
09:22:58     From  Skip Barland : Amen...
09:28:59     From  John Johnson : Exactly.
Living by WWJD
09:29:20     From  Terry Gabrich : I’ve died at least 3 times. Once when God Yahweh used me to bring a girl back from the dead, another time when I was transported to a church members apartment and watched him having sex with another church member. I even said to Yahweh, β€œThis is ****ography, I’m not supposed to look at or see ****ography.” I heard a voice that said, β€œBut this is what I see.”  the third time is when I was praying, found myself sitting right next to the throne of God Yahweh. I have seen the 24 elders, and I have seen many angels. Brittany Spears is a male to female transgender and so was Angelina Jolie.
09:34:57     From  Abel P : The world's first human that accepted Christ was an Ethiopian Eunuch.
09:35:41     From  Abel P : Terry, yea many are males. Hormonal treatments at a young age.
09:37:56     From  Al'Amarah Gamache : I raise a hallelujahπŸ™
09:38:36     From  Terry Gabrich : Go to amazon and search for the book by Bryce Tailor named β€œThanks for the Memories.” Bryce talks about how the Jackson Five had to have gay sex in order to be successful. I met the Jackson five when I was in college. I drove a cab in St. Louis Missouri for 8 months when I went to college. I got a call to pick up some people at a hotel and take them down to south St. Louis. Well, I picked up the Jackson Five and took them down to some dance hall. Michael Jackson sat right next to me.
09:44:14     From  Terry Gabrich : Rob Wyatt was a fraud. This has been proven. Rob Wyatt never found the Ark of the Covenant. In fact the prophet Jeremiah took the covenant to Ireland. Jeremiah brought with him to Ireland the two daughters of the last king of Jeremiah King Zedekiah. The Kings daughter Tea Tephi married the King of the Irish which brought Israel and Judah togethers as one. Many believe that the Ark of the Covenant is in the tomb of Tea Tephi, and possibly was taken to America which is the new Jerusalem. Go to
09:47:23     From  John Johnson : Dogma
09:47:36     From  John Johnson : Social engineering
09:47:57     From  John Johnson : Perverted
09:48:09     From  Terry Gabrich : We live in two different worlds. 1) the real world which is God Yahweh’s world, and there is 2) the fantasy world, a world that Lucifer has created. There is even a false doctrine in Christian Identity and that is, the idea that there is no such thing as free will and also that Lucifer is Jesus Christ’s alter ego. They believe that Jesus and Lucifer are one. One is good and the other is bad. This is nonsense.
09:48:28     From  John Johnson : Separate theTruth from. Opinions
09:51:41     From  sonny Hall : Pray that God will help be like Joseph and prepare to help those around us.... family, neighbors, and strangers
09:51:41     From  Abel P : Wyatt has a museum in Tennessee I think, has countless artifacts in there. Hard to dismiss it. The year when Wyatt went public in the 80's, Hollywood immediately created the Indiana Jones series to take attention away.
09:52:05     From  Sadaya jaret : Pls pray for my boss/ client who is elderly and difficult and needs to be in senior housing.
Also a friend who wants to build community but her approach is filtered with oppression to her workers and possibly wrestles with dark energies. The land is pristine but for 23 yrs God has not brought her helpers..and she is not yet open to changing herself
09:52:10     From  Terry Gabrich : Actually it is biblical. Jesus Christ only came for one race. Also Ethiopia comes from the Greek that means sun burnt faces. Ethiopia was a white civilization until 1800. Nobody has seen the Ark of the Covenant that Ron Wyatt found. Kdlby, I know what you are saying about acting. I have been in a number of movies and I  have seen all that they can do.
09:52:53     From  Sadaya jaret : Pray for my role with these people. And praise a God one of my children is coming to ChristπŸ™πŸ»
09:53:01     From  Abel P : About to finish the book, Hung by the Tongue. What a great piece of information, powerful.
09:53:50     From  Sandy Riffle : Amen Kelby
09:54:09     From  Skip Barland : Called Deep Fake Videos...
09:54:34     From  Abel P : I'd be careful with doctrines from the Dallas Theological Society, lol. Like "Christian" version of freemasonry.
09:54:39     From  sonny Hall : We are all just different shades of brown and needing a Savior
09:54:56     From  Sandy Riffle : His SOUL is ultimate LOVE ..
09:55:56     From  Sandy Riffle : SAVIOR is LOVE
09:56:06     From  Doug Nelson : Pray that the people in east palestine, Ohio are protected and those responsible for the disaster are held accountable
09:56:57     From  Sandy Riffle : See & hear a soul not color
09:57:35     From  Sandy Riffle : YES
09:57:38     From  Al'Amarah Gamache : God did not call you to blend in!! But to Stand out..
09:58:00     From  Veronica K : Everyone under the toxic plumes of chemicals....  also they have a row of chemical train cars out in the nut tree area of California
09:59:14     From  Sandy Riffle : God is Love .. Love is energy. We are energy
09:59:14     From  Terry Gabrich : Jesus Christ wasn’t black, he was of the white race. It matters because Jesus Christ only came for the lost sheep of Israel  who are the direct descendants of Adam. He only came for his people Israel who are the white Caucasian, Celtic, Anglo Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred people in the world today. Jesus Christ and God Yahweh was not black. God Yahweh condemns race mixing and integration. Yes, Jesus Christ only died for white people because only white people sinned. God Yahweh hates the Edomites, the Hittites, the Amalekites, and so forth. Jacob was an Adamanite, and Adam means white man to show blood in the face red, to be fair, and ruddy.
10:00:03     From  Al'Amarah Gamache : And theLight shineth in darkness;    And the darkness comprehended it not!!    John 1:5.       Be the light and salt…
10:00:26     From  Veronica K : Only white people sinned? Now thats a new theory...
10:01:41     From  Bonnoe Maes : Please pray for my brother in law to beat his newly diagnosed cancer. Mitch
10:02:02     From  Abel P : Edomites, Hittities, Amalekites where all Nephilim, seed of Satan. 7-10 footer monsters. They died out at around Jesus era. Some of their *****s were carbon dated around 2000 years and have non-human characteristics.
10:03:10     From  Daryl Black : Amen to that Kelby. We must give the Father more credit for knowing what He was doing. Father said All have sinned and fallen short of His glory. There is NONE righteous, no one.    truth is God doesn't care what you think you know,  In the beginning God made man. not man made man.  Can you live it.  can you be a doer of my word.  God said be a  doer of my statutes and commands. Not to think more highly of self than you aught to think.
10:03:31     From  Harold Johnson : Kelby, I think you are right on target.
10:04:11     From  Daryl Black : I love you brother Kelby.
10:05:51     From  Skip Barland : Jesus loves the little children

All the children of the world

Red and yellow, black and white
They are precious in His sight
10:06:45     From  Terry Gabrich : God’s name is Yahweh not Jehovah. It is not a new theory, it is biblical. go to amazon and get the book by Pastor Dan Gayman entitled, β€œDo all Races Share In Salvation?” In fact, Christian Identity loves all races. However, those that believe that all races have salvation are the true racist. The cross was only for God Yahweh’s people. Does God love Lucifer. You don’t have to sin, you choose to sin, and only Adams descendants sinned. God Yahweh condemns race mixing and integration. Jesus Christ only came for the lost sheep of Israel (Matthew 15:24)
10:06:46     From  Daryl Black : right on Skip
10:07:16     From  John Johnson : You covered my prayer requests at the outset. So, Thank you. 😎
10:08:01     From  sonny Hall : Romans 1:16

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.
10:08:03     From  Al'Amarah Gamache : Requesting prayer for one of our prayer group members  in Kaneohe Hawaii ,, her name is   Christy Wolcott  breathing heart and liver restored to perfect  health
10:08:12     From  Terry Gabrich : It is interesting that missionaries have a real hard time converting other races.

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