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Service #34-Prayer & Worship for All-2

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That number is certainly evidence for the mark of the beast, and not just in the way we've been told.
From cosmology to microbiology, evidence, or a mark of God is found throughout creation, most obviously in the largest and smallest of things that Creator Yahuah made.
Not surprisingly, this is where the enemy attacks the most with lies.
Just by it's complexity and order and it's uniqueness to each individual,
The shot changes DNA. It also creates a wireless interface that monitors you, while interacting with AI in the 5G cloud.
The normal human DNA strand has 144,000 genes. 72,000 from each parent;
Per Dr. Frederick Crick, in a 2000 interview with Readers Digest. He died in 2004.
He first discovered and described DNA.
After his death, the establishment lied to cover that up by saying they were mistaken and we only have 20-30k.
The establishment says those are "protein" codes, not genes.
But there's the lie in their deception.
Everything the genes code for are protein constructs of one type or another.
According to the patents, a third strand of 72,000 is inserted via CRISPR technology in the shot.
This brings the altered total to 216,000 genes.
The mark of the beast is the number of a man altered in this process.
"Six-hundred, three score, and six" are put together to read 666, but should be multiplied.
600 x 60 x 6 = 216,000
The same number as the altered genes.
The PCR tests are being misused to insert the nanoparticles on the swab near the blood/brain barrier inside the upper nasal passages inside the forehead.
PCR is a type of test for DNA fragments.
Think about it.
They could just swab your cheek.
We should check the original Greek.
We should be wary of the subtly of the enemy.
Because cause also means coerce or compel.
Worship also means contract. Even like licenses and registrations.
Especially voter.
The hand can also be interpreted arm.
Kill can also mean separation.
Thanking Yahuah for the good we do,
Carl Allen