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Good going Sovereignty76. It is good to know that you are standing up for yourself. I have been kicked out of many venues, and I've had the police called on me many times. What is really interesting is that people are doing such stupid things like being at a gas station store wearing a mask and buying a couple of packs of cigarettes.

Not long ago I volunteered at a food pantry. I was standing outside the dock door and I was yelled at by some lady for not wearing a mask. I told her "I'm outside," and she told me that it made no difference I had to wear a mask. People were walking past me wearing their masks and looking very proud that they had their masks on. However, what was really weird was to see this lady yelling at me with a mask on while she was smoking a cigarette. I even told her that it is bad enough that she is wearing a mask which can cause her to get a stroke, give her lung cancer, gum disease, and so forth, but she is also smoking at the same time.

She had smoke rising above the mask on both sides of the mask, and below the mask. What I said went right over her head. She didn't comprehend how stupid she looked. One woman told me that she was wearing a mask to protect me from  her, and I said but the mask doesn't protect you from you. I further told her that she was breathing her own toxins, how does that work for you. It went right over her head. Besides, the masks don't work and even on the box of the N-95 mask it says that the mask won't stop viruses.

What people don't know is that viruses are dead. They are solvents, and soaps that the body uses to kill toxins. They cannot spread from people too people, they are dead. Classic example that I have given people. When I was in the Air Force, during basic training, I had a squad leader that drank a half a gallon of Chlorine Bleach. He had to go to the hospital and get his stomach pumped. He almost died.  I never saw him again. However, when I was in the infantry I use to bring with me out in the field a small vile of Chlorine bleach. I use to be involved in combat training all the time, and if I couldn't get to the water buffalo; which could be 20 miles a way, I would go to a lake, river, or stream and fill my canteen. I would put a couple of drops of chlorine bleach in the canteen, close the lid on it, shake it, and then let it set for 15 to 20 minutes. It was then potable. I could taste the Chlorine Bleach, but it wasn't harmful.

As a public servant, I'm sure I have been around people who had it and in my spare time, I enjoy trying to help the less fortunate. I've never worn a mask and I've never felt sick since I caught the measles in 2018. I caught Chicken Pox 14 years before that when my son had it. I caught Strep Throat 14 years before that when I was in college and I caught the flu 14 years before that when I was in grade school. I told everybody at work to chill out when they were wearing rubber gloves and masks. They laughed at me and thought I was foolish and too care-free. My boss said I had to wear one and I said get the paperwork started to fire me. I told them all how this was going to play out and so far I have been spot on. This meme resonates with me and I'm going to forward it to them.