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Funny, Not Funny

Funny, Not Funny

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One other thing. Jesus Christ was not a black man, he was a white man. Jesus Christ was called the second Adam, and Adam means white man blood in the face red, to be able to blush, to be ruddy. There is no such thing as black Hebrew Israelite's. I have already proved to them that Jesus Christ was white. The bible says in Genesis 5:1 "This is the book of Adam and his generation, genes, genome, blood line." Strong's Exhaustive Concordance #119 and $120 Since Adam means "white man" the bible is about Jacobs genealogy Israel who are the white Caucasian, Celtic, Anglo Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred people in the world today. Are blacks farmers? No they aren't. Only white people farm. Have blacks ever established a culture, civilizations, or nations? No. Only white people have. The bible is not about black people, but it is about white people. The Egyptians, Europeans, Greeks, Romans, Sumarians, and so forth were all white people. Even Ethiopia comes from the Greek and literally means sun burnt faces, or people that can get sun burnt. The Ethiopians were originally white, just like the very first people to arrive in America were originally white. That is why at least  1/3rd. of the American Indians are direct descendants of white Europeans (if not all of them. This includes the Cherokee, Choctaw, Ojibwa, Crow, Sac, Fox, Indians along the eastern coast, the snake indians, as well as many others). For instance, the Cherokee to this day still celebrate the Old Testament feast of booths. Also, most of the Indian dialects come from the Hebrew of the Old Testament.

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As a public servant, I'm sure I have been around people who had it and in my spare time, I enjoy trying to help the less fortunate. I've never worn a mask and I've never felt sick since I caught the measles in 2018. I caught Chicken Pox 14 years before that when my son had it. I caught Strep Throat 14 years before that when I was in college and I caught the flu 14 years before that when I was in grade school. I told everybody at work to chill out when they were wearing rubber gloves and masks. They laughed at me and thought I was foolish and too care-free. My boss said I had to wear one and I said get the paperwork started to fire me. I told them all how this was going to play out and so far I have been spot on. This meme resonates with me and I'm going to forward it to them.