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Episode 3-Mancave Classified-Ukraine! Our Kids! Our Rights!

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There are many things we do consent to. However, many times we can consent without our knowledge. Such as just doing something because everybody else is doing it. A good example are the masks and the vaccines. Through research I found out that about, or close to, 80% of the world population got vaccinated. That means a lot of people are going to be dying soon. These people may have been confused (Of course we know that Satan is the author of confusion) or just got sick and tired of being yelled at.

Last year I saw a video that was from a store camera. A woman was shopping in the store and wasn't wearing a mask. Another woman approached her and told her that she had to wear a mask. The woman replied that she can't wear a mask because she has a medical condition. The other woman yelled at her and told her that she had to wear a mask. The women were arguing back and forth and the woman that started the argument from the beginning told the woman that she needs to die, and by the way she said it, she actually was threatening the woman with bodily harm. She yelled it, and actually looked as if she was going to beat the woman into a blood mess for not wearing a mask.

My cousins husband, who passed a way a couple of years ago, had emphysema. Her husband was in a wheel chair when she took him to a store. Once they walked in a clerk at the store yelled at my cousin, and told her that her husband had to wear a mask. She told the clerk that he had emphysema, and that he couldn't breath while wearing a mask. The clerk told her that it makes no difference, he had to wear a mask. First of all policies are not the law. The Supreme Court has ruled on this. Also, you have to have a medical reason to wear a mask. Actually under doctors orders. It is against the law for them to order you to wear a mask even if it is their policy. You can go to 42 usc 12181 that says that when a private company opens up its doors to the public, it is no longer private, it becomes public.

I did some voluntary work at a food pantry. The first day I got there I was standing outside the dock door, and I wasn't wearing a mask when a female supervisor yelled at me for not wearing a mask. I told her that I was outside, and she told me that it didn't make any difference, I had to wear a mask. There were others that were walking in and out of the food pantry through the dock door, and I could tell that they were proud to wear their masks. This female supervisor yelled at me a number of times for not wearing a mask. So here she was yelling at me, wearing a mask, and smoking at the same time. There was cigarette smoke billowing above the mask, at either sides of the mask, and below the mask. I told her, "lady, you are smoking and wearing a mask. Don't you know how harmful that is?" She told me that it made no difference. She had her mask on and I should also have a mask on. I was not allowed to do any voluntary work at that food pantry. I had to find another one down the road, and I had to wear a mask; even though unbeknown to them, I would wear it below my nose.

This cousin of mine past a way last July. She took the vaccine and the booster. I told her not to take either of them, but she wouldn't listen. She thought she was doing the right thing, and now she is dead. Did she consent to taking the vaccine? Indirectly yes, because she was told to take the vaccine because it was the right thing to do. About a month and a half after she took the booster, she was dead, and she died from pancreatic cancer. A cancer that is not prevalent in women. Now people are involuntarily volunteered to do things. They give consent through propaganda. They are confused and bewildered and made to be fearful because of what they have been told. Now a day you don't know what to believe any more.

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Where Men are Men!

Ukraine! Our Kids! Our Rights!

Out of sight, out of mind!

This is the mindset of most Americans today, but there is a lot going on in the world that affects us all!

Ukraine is far away but our kids and rights are here at heart! Men, we have to be prepared for what is being planned!

Let’s protect home! You won’t want to miss this show!

Join us today as Kelby and Karmel discuss these vital topics in the unabashed fashion that you will come to appreciate at Mancave Classifieds where men are men!

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