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HISA.TV- #316- Dalai Lama - Trump Arrest - All Smoke and Mirrors

It's time we hold accountable the media for delivering only the narrative that suites the World Order Agenda.

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You know about all this stuff so I'm surprised you don't know about Nasara/Gesara and what all that entails. Plus Q is the military everything Q has posted has come to fruition. You guys need to really research and look into that, I don't believe Trump has turned at all, He's having to play out the role because all of this is to enlighten people as to what was coming.

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True, we are in the New World Order. You will find out that many of those that are already a part of the New World Order aren't even human. The powers that be want you to be vaccinated so they can change your DNA, so you can also be a robot, and transgendered. The mark of the beast is the vaccination and will lead patenting your DNA so that you can be controlled by the power elite.

Kebly, Bill Gates is dead and so is Malinda Gates. The reason why Bill and Malinda Gates got "Supposedly" divorced is because the actor Kevin Kline ended his contract of playing Malinda Gates. That's right Kevin Kline was playing Malinda Gates. Bill and Hillary Clinton are also dead, as well as "Dr." Judith Burks and Dr. Fauci. Dr. Fauci was also the son of mother Teresa. Mother Teresa was a male to female transgenders. Most of the female celebrities (some think that up to 98%) are male to female transgenders. There is a lot of this evil that is going to be more revealing to us.

What a show!  Trump did this and Trump did that.  Is that any way to treat your puppet?  Well it is when you are gas lighting the public.

In our house we have referred to "the Donald" as a mafia bag man for at least 40 years.  7 years ago he was selected [not elected] to be the bag man for the biggest mafia on the planet--the Rothschild/Vatican world Mafia.

All his wonderful claims about making America great again was exactly what Americans were dying to hear and his rather rough talk really appealed to most of us who hadn't dumped our masculinity. Yes! He was going to get things done, like draining the swamp, but it didn't take a genius to see that the swamp critters he sent packing were replaced by more of the same ilk.

Then he was going to lower taxes and maybe he did, but it couldn't have been by much or we would all have heard about it.  I wouldn't know since I have been exempt for the past 33 years.

Remember when he wouldn't show his tax returns?  Ever wonder why?  He's not a magician.  He can't produce what doesn't exist because if I can figure out how to dump the IRS you know every multi millionaire and billionaire would have that information as well.  The wealthy do not pay income taxes and all that crap about taxing the rich is just that--crap!!  The taxing system feeds off the middle class because they're the easiest to con and too busy hustling to feed their families to do any deep investigating.

If he really was going to make America great again he would have started by getting rid of the IRS for starters.  He would have also dumped the CIA, the world's biggest drug dealer, and the stinking FBI.  Of course, there wasn't a chance of that happening.  First of all, he was not really on board to make MAGA happen.  If he was, he would have gotten the Abe Lincoln and JFK treatment.  I thing you get the idea.

He could make bold promises like, lets build a wall to keep uninvited guests out of the country, and other such impediments designed to destroy our society.  Have no fear!!  The deck was stacked to make sure that the house, on both sides of the aisle, would stop any foolishness that impedes the Globalist plans for NWO.

And just like that Trump was dismissed and a total decrepit moron with a criminal history that would make Jeffrey Delmer blush, accompanied by an addle brained cackling hen took center stage.  What happened?  The Globalists felt they were so near their goal of total control that they decided to shove two, nearly perfect imbeciles, down our throats to let us know that they are in charge and there's not a darned thing we can do about it.

There hasn't been an election during my 84 years, just selections.  The mafia selects a couple of puppets under their complete control and let us peons try to figure out which one will do the least damage to us and the system we live in.

What happened to the wall?  The wall had to be stopped because it would have hampered the Soros bus lines going to all South American countries to pick up millions, as those countries emptied their prisons and outfitted their emigrants with back packs loaded with Fentanyl.  I lost my 26 year old grandson last December to that program.

Black Lives Matter, de-fund the police, burn the cities, release violent criminals back to the streets to commit more violence, let mobs raid businesses to the point where they go out of business, carefully directed false flag attacks, promotion of gender dysphoria, the phony Covid plandemic, on and on, ad nauseam.  Where does the craziness end and what is its purpose?  

Well we know why we've had all the false flag attacks over the last few decades committed by mind controlled people who had psychiatric problems.  That doggoned 2nd amendment still has the mafia concerned about the fact that, maybe some of those gun owners won't go quietly.

As to the tremendous rise in crime, I'm guessing that when things get bad enough people won't fight too hard against the imposition of a national Stazi type police force.  You know, the kind they've had in communist countries for years where they can come in in the middle of the night and just disappear anyone who doesn't submit.

As to Trump, he had to know all this was coming because its been part of the plan for a long time.  Americans are boiling mad over the treatment of their hero on a white horse [white House] that was all set to save America.  The owned and controlled media will continue to churn out their daily grind of baloney to gas light the public into believing we have all lost our minds.  Trump will play the game of the Controllers and will live out his life as the wealthy billionaire once all the hate mongering has subsided.

Most will ask the question, if Trump was making all the sounds of a rebel who was determined to take away the control of the Globalists, why would they "select" him to run their corporation in the first place?  Good question.  I think I have a pretty good answer that makes sense.

The United States is a privately owned corporation and not a country as most assume.  It is a de-facto regime, a government "in fact" but it is not "de jure", or an actual lawful government.  Under their [Globalists] Private International Law, a de facto regime must have the consent of the governed to maintain its standing in the international community.  Just how does it prove it has the consent of the governed?  By the percentage of the population that has registered to vote.  I'd say that makes pretty compelling logic.  

People had seen the worthlessness of voting because within a couple of months, all those politicians' promises start smelling like yesterday's meals on wheels so most decided to not even bother  registering to vote, and some, like me, actually rescinded their voter's registration.

Something drastic had to be done.  Enter tough talking Trump, our new savoir.  He did the trick and fired up Americans like never before in hopes of seeing some grand plan unravel that would make America great again.  Voter registration jumped like a hip hop dancer and America was saved--for the World Mafia

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