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Episode 221-HISAdvocates.TV- Getting Freedom Right - Knowing the Process.. He Explains

So many people out there have it flat out wrong in what they are doing to get free. Kelby explains the process to connect the dots.

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Kelby, I used your services to submit a request for a change of status (new passport) which was at first denied.  Then in the rebuttal letter (provided by your establishment) my social security number was ultimately provided. While it was stated in the rebuttal letter that a social security number is not required, the rebuttal letter sent back to the DOS submitted my social security number with explanatory documentation, however, the social security number was ultimately provided.  So, I'm confused about this.  However, a new passport and card was finally issued and the only difference in the passport were the new numbers.  It was explained to me that what was needed to show the status change was my application documentation which will show how I applied for that change of status.  I have yet to receive that documentation back.  My question is why was my social security number provided if it in fact was not required or needed?