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Episode 218-HISAdvocates.TV- Do Not Be Deceived... We Are Being Played on All Sides!

Black/White - Dark/Light - Republican/Democrat - Liberal/Conservative - Abortion/Pro-Choice - Polarization and division is the key to this Nation's potential fall. Kelby keys in on the change effect of re-instituting a Moral/God driven society once again

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When Christ said to love your enemies, he is saying love your enemies of your own race. Remember, Jesus Christ only came for the lost sheep of Israel  (Matthew 15:24) The lost sheep of Isael are the white Caucasian, Celtic, Anglo Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred people. In other words, Jesus Christ did not come for all races of the world. Remember, the bible says in Genesis 5, "This is the book of Adam and his generation, Genome, blood line. Adam means white man, to show blood in the face, to be fair, to be able to blush. Only white people blush, Only whites show blood in the face. In other words, Jesus only came for white people, not all races of people and I can prove it.

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