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Episode 204-HISAdvocates.TV-Kelby Explains Public Vs Private-The Why You Would Quit the Corp

This is the heart of understanding why you are vulnerable and the collateral in your position as a U.S. citizen.

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I think that one problem we all have is the simple fact that we have been in the system for so long that it  is scary to leave it. We have become accustom to be in the system and to benefit from the perks that it offers you. It is just like the church's today. Over 90% of the church's today are 501c3. By being 501c3 they get free stuff from the government. What these church's don't realize is that they are being governed by the government, not by God Yahweh. God Yahweh hates 501c3. God Yahweh today is saying to the U.S. government and these church's, "Who died and made you God?" God Yahweh can't get to his people because he has to go through a government funnel. When he finally gets through that funnel he has nothing to say. God Yahweh states that he will not share his glory with anybody, so he won't share his glory with these church's.

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