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Episode 182-HISAdvocates.TV-Vaccines, Lies, Predicted the Short Term Collapes of the Cryptos and More....

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I am torn with which direction to go? One warns about religions and ministries, and one uses it as protection , and is the easier path. I am not blessed with time or skills to navigate the chasm of law and God, except to know I will always be with him, no matter what! There are so many groups with different roads to the same goal, yours being among the best, but the choice is hard and results similar, with much work to be done. I think if all that seek the same were to combine and settle their differences, we would not be under estimated. As it is, it seems like some are in it for profit, which of course is needed to operate, but leaves out a lot of would be patriots that don't want too much, so will always have too much, the important thing is freedom and as always choice, that there may be some good in. This is what God gives us , if we don't bend to Satan's temptations now turned threats!

Total control! Look at Victoria, Australia, and British Columbia, Everyone blames somebody, but "The Sun Will Never Set on The British Empire" They have reinvented their empire with the banks! If you really want to know whats happening, ignore history and go all the way back the Babylon, and we still use their system of commerce! Illuminati is a general Satanic plan that includes all the trusts , foundations and every secret society ever created all have the same goal!

Kelby, you are spot on, and I've had it twice since last Feb. and never saw a doctor, missed one day of work, and have died twice before and lived! The difference is this is an agenda, and I do not consent! There is no higher risk group than me, and I will never consent for eugenic depopulation, and will fight for my right to life! I died 4 years ago and self cared since, after two angels visited me and one stayed and took the toe tag and the day of my unplugging I came back to life, at 4 am Sunday morning when a hero ER doctor , without permission, unplugged me, without permission, when I started choking on my breathing tube! He is one hero, , but when I woke from my coma, hallucinating, and still pretty dead, I had visitors, who came off the road, and I chose to call them angels, no one else saw them, but one stayed until I stabilized, and without being known, or seen beside me. They were on their way to their cabin, and said they heard about me? I felt like I knew them, they were visitors, but was embarassed to ask. They had a glow I can't explain , and the guy left, and the girl stayed, they were both doctors, and the girl pumped huge amounts of medicine in me with out being seen, but all the paperwork done, and nobody knew by who. Maybe it was a hallucination, but I believe, 4 years and all self care after I got kidney function back, and still in rough shape, but my choices are mine, and I am with God !