HISAdvocates addresses many of your questions by initiating a support topic so you may receive immediate help. (Only to VIP Members)

VIP Members also get a FREE 15-minute consultation.  If you are a Free Member, much of the information on HISAdvocates.org will not be available to you.  We will urge you to get a VIP Membership so you can have your questions directly answered through our on-line portal.  VIP Members also get a free consultation to help them through their foreclosure issues.  For VIP Member consultation, please contact us toll free at (844) 447-2386 Ext. 701.

VIP Members have an additional resource of an online one-on-one support to help them answer basic questions. 

VIP's Can Create a Support Topic (Like a trouble Ticket:  https://www.hisadvocates.org/s...t/topics/VIP-Support

VIP Premium Membership Support: 

1.  Once you are a VIP, check our exclusive VIP forums for VIP Members by selecting from Debt IssuesForeclosure Issues or Legal/Law Issues or alternatively, you may post a support ticket here.  

VIP Members: Post your Support Topics here.  When you submit your Support Topic, please follow the instructions when posting to receive the best response possible.  

VIP Membership Benefits Include:
-Response on all your support topics/question and needs with various support/experts
-Private Line Phone number for any emergency that you may have (See Terms of Service on limits)
-Full Access to the Living in the Private Group
    *Learn public vs private
    *Understanding state Citizenship
    *Operating privately
    *Living on-line Privately
-View 100% of HISAdvocates.org which includes a massive amount of VIP  Content (Extensive). This one benefit alone will pay for your membership over and over.  There is a vast amount of uploaded information that is exclusive to our VIP members.   
-Access to all forums including Debt Issues, Foreclosure Issues & Legal/Law Issues.  These forums are where you will see answers that are key and essential to your defenses.
-Access to our Bi-Weekly VIP Call where you can ask live questions to be answered by different people/experts on all kinds of topics.
-Access to all past VIP Membership Calls
-Access to Extensive Knowledge Bases
-Private on-line communication with other HISAdvocates.org members
-Communicate on the website with other members
-Post to calendar section:  You can create posts of upcoming events in your local area

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