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What can I build on my property without a permit

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If you remove your "land and soil" from their jurisdiction, and do not call it "property" or "real estate, correct your status and standing, all on the public record (ie: DO YOUR HOMEWORK FIRST) you can do whatever the eff you want to it, and need no permission (aka "permit") from anyone, ever!

I have successfully done this, and while I have had to box a few rounds with 1) the HOA, and 2) the county health department (I have installed a septic system), and finally 3) the county tax assessor's office, they all eventually come to be educated enough to leave me alone, because I demonstrate that I know what I am talking about and am doing, and that I am competent to hold them fully accountable if they injure me.

These people are all IGNORANT, so you have to educate them, but so far, they all have come to realize that I must know a lot of stuff that they do not, and they go away, leaving me alone to live in peace, as  repeatedly requested.

If they ever do not, I am prepared to defend myself in an Article III court, before a jury of my peers, if need be, and I let them all know this from the very start, and I believe that they eventually realize that it may not go very well for them personally if they take it there, and they move on to easier prey, and they is no shortage of easy prey for them to move on to, sadly enough.