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2021-10-05-Things that you need now to help you be private and have the funds to prepare for the coming years

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Agree with you XRP likely will get big but when dealing with these crypto currencies it is always important to me to look at the government structure. If one such as XRP Ethereum or Cardono explode to the point that they are the predominant use case for purchases that would mean that such coins could end up with the same type of power as the federal reserve. Well bitcoin mat not currently have the use cases that the other coins have, all the same abilities are indeed being developed on the second layer of bitcoin. The benefit of bitcoin and other coins such as Monero and pirate chain is they are not centralized and their control is in the hands of the users balance between node operators and minors. They have a sort of separation of powers structure and they are decentralized. Well I will admit I hold small amounts of other coins it is just as a small speculative thing. Limited supply, if there is a centralized private governing body over the coin there is no limit to its future printing to infinity.