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This was my question =P !

Here is where I found out where to get an MSO/MCO:

So far, I have

  1. run a CarFax report (for gits & shiggles, plus confirmation, plus complete record keeping)
  2. called the original dealer (found on CarFax report, b/c it wasn't in my owners manual)
  3. no help from sales dept. at original dealer, got number for manufacturer
  4. talked to rep, got number for a customer support dept.
  5. talked to customer support, provided self + car info, kept insisting that I need MSO/MCO to complete my records for the vehicle (also because I do not have one of those documents, even though the dealer said they give out a title but I reminded the sales dept. rep at the dealer that the STATE/S give a "certificate of title", & what I'm after is the MSO/MCO, again keep emphasizing what you're actually calling for/needing")
  6. [currently waiting for 1 day response time from someone at the customer service dept., because they "do not give those out normally", hahaha! Wonder why...?)