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Vaccination issue: Guy carried out and people still wait in line

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This is just too sad! I cannot comprehend how people can be so used to seeing this, that they deem as just another incident, who cares, let the party go on. It doesn't even compute, that perhaps it may be best not to be part of an experiment until it proves it is HIGHLY beneficial and cause no harm. Ohterwise rely upon the beautiful immune system that God created.

@Blaines I personally know of people both dying and of getting majorly sick from the vaccination.

Whether this video or not is at a vaccination center or not, the death tables on the government websites representing less then 2% of the total numbers posted are more than all the years of reported vaccine deaths in total.

Yes. And I am a registered universal O- blood donor. I have donated every 56 days for years. I'm not and will not be vaxed. However they are taking blood from the vaxed.  I just donated two weeks ago.  I did not reschedule. They have corrupted the blood supply and I can no longer be a part of that. I am instead on standby for friends and family if a need arises.. There needs to be a blood bank for just unvaxed. The whole point is to help save lives not destroy them.

Also seeing pets of vaxed people either dying or having health issues. At this point there is no way to confirm nor deny that it is a result of the spike proteins they are shedding. There would have to be studies done and the  chances of that happening are nill to none. Though they are supposed to use lab animals to test on but getting that info well happy hunting.

Must be in Russia. The lady is speaking in Russian. She said “he’s having seizures. He is still young! This is crazy!! Look how bad the seizures are!!”

Heard a discussion that vaccines are not bad. Their excuse “It’s just that some people’s immune system doesn’t accept it and that’s why they have reactions and die. They even say give it 40 days and every thing will go back to normal after the vaccine... “

just crazy how people can be so blind to this!!