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Vaccinated Mice & Monkeys Have a 100% Death Rate

They are saying vaccinated men/women have 2 years to live.

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That was not meant to be a snobby question.  But credentials or background can lead one to understand if the spokesman has any first hand knowledge of the mice, monkey testing.  Imagination is one thing, but data and its source is another.   lh

Why do we always ask, "who is this person"?

Who is Fauci? Because he is on TV, he must be  "someone" to believe...?

Look not to men.

The answer is not which person impresses you. The answer comes from hearing, comparing and keeping our mind stayed on the Author of Truth.

We battle a master liar! The world system is built on a ever refining master lie.

Learn to hear by dying to self and living to and in Him. This is something IMPOSSIBLE for us to do. He must accomplish this in us, for us and through us. He is God. We are NOT

1 Cor 2 - whole chapter culminating at and in the last 2 verses.

.............The mind of Christ