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U.S.-led forces appear to be using white phosphorus in populated areas in Iraq and Syria

This is why GOD says come out of Her

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Both US Forces and Russian are using phosphorus and cluster bombing.  That's the trouble with conflict, disagreement erupts into retaliation and escalating actions.  One wins and the other supposedly loses, however, in reality everyone loses.   One thing that bothers me is that the narrative of a video may not be representative of the facts or situation.   

War is dirty, and there are no constraints as to human welfare in combat and battle zones.  Civilian casualties are a part of war and purposeful intent.  Assuming the civilian population assists and support hostile action, they are subject to the face of terror and resulting loss.  Likewise an enemy can shelter among civilians.  The list of weaponry is for the most part not appreciated.  What is used on today's battle field is far more lethal and destructive than most can imagine, and includes nuclear and other means.  It's called war!

Yet, the fact that when one coalition of nations says that they want to destroy and eradicate another nation, little is off the table in response to defense. 

....Waiting for the flight out of here now!