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Trying to open an account with an exchange and they need personal information

Text "Freedom" to 8554520499 for Information

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I use the following snippet on all forms that ask for "residential/permanent address":

NONE (Not required. See 31 C.F.R. § 1020.410(b)(3)(x); W-8BEN Inst. p. 1,2,4,5 (Cat. 25576H); W-8 Supp. Inst, p. 1,2,6 (Cat. 26698G); Pub. 515 Inst. p. 7; Form 1042-s Inst. p. 1,14)

I haven't been challenged yet, done it several forms including the passport application. Mailing addresses would be fine using private mailbox or USPS box if properly contracted and use c/o on everything and bracket the [USPS address]. Might get away with the mailing as the residential as well.

I figured if anyone challenges this, then can we say we live in a trailer? RV? Motor Home like nomads? More and more people live in their trailers nowadays and so it's fair to say that we simply don't have a residential place, period.