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Tom Hanks welcoming in the New World Order

This is creepy.. Talking as if it is done.

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Why is he reading from a Q card and what the heck is he talking about?  The "chosen ones"?

He was put to death in Australia.

I, too, was not certain what to make of this. Except, I looked into it. Searching for "tom hanks executed" didn't bring up anything ... except The Associated Press website  . .

Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson in Australian hospital with new virus
March 12, 2020 GMT

SYDNEY (AP) — Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson are isolated in stable condition in an Australian hospital Thursday after contracting the new coronavirus, the actor and Australian officials said.
Hanks had been in Australia shooting an untitled Elvis Presley biopic directed by Baz Luhrmann. Hanks plays Presley’s manager, Colonel Tom Parker. The film, slated for release in October 2021, has suspended production, Warner Bros. said.
Queensland health authorities would not give specifics on their health due to privacy issues. But the state’s update on its coronavirus infections describe a U.S. couple of their age both in stable condition.

. . and . .

Hanks, who survived COVID-19, calls graduates ‘the chosen’
May 4, 2020 GMT

DAYTON, Ohio (AP) — Tom Hanks says graduates of an Ohio university that named a film center after him are “the chosen ones.”

The Oscar-winning actor delivered a surprise virtual speech...

Tom Hanks, who survived COVID-19, told graduates at Wright State University that their lives will forever be divided into time before and after the coronavirus pandemic, in the same way that past generations had their lives marked by wars.

“You have finished Wright State during the great reset, the great reboot,” Hanks said in a video message. “You chosen ones are going to form the new structures and define the new realities, and make the new world — the world after all that we have been through.”

Just to note, that doesn't make Hanks a "good guy", as he clearly is in bed with the New World Order crowd (disproportionately typical in Hollywood).


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He was put to death in Australia. Believe it or not, that is why he had the corona typewriter that was donated to a young boy a couple weeks ago that the media said... he was not aloud to have a computer.. Madonna also was said to be typing from a corona type writer..?? Many hollywood stars were taken down and may face the exact same fate as Tom Hanks as they were all involved with pizzagate and children being tourtured for andrenochrome. Much more is going to be coming out. There is a large list of hollywood stars that have been arrested. Ellen Degenerate, Ophra, Brad Pitt, Denero,  etc.. But there keeping it quiet for now. The pope also was arrested and 60 bishops were put to death but the rumor is they died of corona.. we will all soon see after the election, why after the election i have no idea... 

In this video he is wearing those clear glasses which is said to be given out when your in prison.. there some sort of special glasses i think that cannot break or something, I said before I was told he is dead and was given lethal injection several weeks ago. I also hear in a video from Gene on youtube that he has 3 confirmed sources that confirm he is dead amd what your seeing now may have been made while he was in prison, his brother also has been said to be standing in for him and there using some sort of video A I to make the appearance of Tom Hanks.. Rita was also in the same prison and she also was put to death. They are refusing to mention his death in the media. They say it will be announced after Trump wins the election..?? Below is a video that is bye bye tom hanks.. if you notice the block walls on the prison, it matches the block wall behind him in his video here you posted... ?? Below is the video.