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The Words You Want to Hear From a President

Prior to getting into office, the candidate gave this very special speech

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What other President (or candidate) has spoken so blunt about such corruption?

More information may be needed to discern what "Q" is or not; however, the video graphic animation does not look like as in Lord of The Rings, "They eye of Sauron is inside of Q."

Such comment is not convincing that "Q" is pysop.

Most of us new for a long time there was corruption, I did not take time out to research it until a couple years.  It takes time to turn a country around especially when you have so many against our country.  Trump came in exposing what has been going on and he is still doing so.  Our country would be have been further down from where we were in 2016.  I understand those that say he has not done anything.  You will not learn anything from the mainstream media, but with ministries like his advocate and others.  There are many digital soldiers fighting and teaching the truth about our nation and world.

USMCA is TPP on steroids. He gave us a trade deal worse than what was dumped. We are living in a socialist nightmare. And Clinton walks free still with her VOTE face mask.  I did not vote for him in 2016. I do not trust him, and I go with my gut feeling.

Q is a psyop. Look at the end of the video. They eye of Sauron is inside of Q.