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There are a not of mistranslations in the bible. One of these is the idea that you have too submit to all governments. That actually isn't true. Do you think you have to submit a communist government. No you don't. What most people don't know is the communism the a Jewish form of government and the Jews are of the Synagogue of Satan. Rabbi Stephen Wise stated in 1935 stated, "some call it Marxism (communism), but I call it Judaism." America is not the Babylon i the scriptures, the  Jews. It is the Jews that are the merchants of the earth not America.

Pink and Rihana are male to female transgender and so is Brittany Spears. They are not women. Lady Gaga and Beyonce are also male to female transgender. Justin Beiber is lying. He isn't a Christian because he is a female to male transgender. He is lying. Transgenders cannot have eternal life. Kesha is a male to female transgender. Jesus Christ did not come for black people, Indians, Orientals, or any other race but the white race (Matthew 15:24). Selina is a male to female transgender. She isn't a woman. She is dead now. She was executed at GITMO. The Rock is dead. He was executed at GITMO.

Actually God is the Father of his people Israel who are the white Caucasian, Celtic, Anglo, Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred people in the world today. He is not the Father of all races and all men on the face of the earth. All the other races are fathered and controlled by man, not God Yahweh.

I know this too be true. One time God used me to bring a girl back from the deat through an out of body experience where I came out of my body and God Yahweh literally threw me out of where I was living and I found myself standing on the side walk in front St. Elizabeth Hospital in Granite City Illinois. I walked through the lobby and I was actually walking through parts of people that walked by me. I saw two women talking to one another and I stood right between them. I looked at one women. She was slender with brown hair that came down just below her ears and was parted in the middle. She had a white blouse on with a blue skirt and black shoes. I was looking right at her face and she just kept on talking too her friend, she didn't notice me because I wasn't visible too her although I was standing right in front of her.

I kept on walking toward a nurses station when I stopped in the middle of the hall. I looked up at the ceiling, and I was lifted up and went right through the ceiling. I was standing by a wall, and I saw just left of the wall that I was standing in front of that had a 22 and then 3 hash marks that it was probably room 223. I know this too be true because the door just to the right of that door was 221. I walked right through the wall and found myself in the room where this girl was. I walked up to her bed and I noticed that she had an IV in both of her arms, and that she was hooked up to a monitor. She had a breathing tube up her nose. It could have been a life support monitor. In the room was her mother and father, her older sister (who was Jehovah Witness) and her husband, The girls next older sister and her boy friend, the girls mother and father, and the pastor and assistant pastor. There was also a nurse in the room. The nurse told the others that the girl was sleeping and resting comfortably. However, I saw that her skin was pale, and her lips and fingers were bluish in color. I heard myself state, "No, she is dead." I put my hand on her forehead and prayed that she come back to life three times.

After the third time I was pulled out of the room by a hand and flung through time and space. I then found myself in my basement apartment of the house where I lived in Granite City Illinois. I kept on hitting something above me with the top of my head, and then noticed that it was the ceiling. That is when I realized that I was hovering above the floor about 2 to 3 feet. I spent the time looking around. I saw the dresser on my left, the bed with a figure laying on it, and the night stand next too the bed, and the dresser to the right of me. I looked toward the kitchen area; and even though it was pitch black, I could see right through the black clearly. I saw the shower area, the Kitchen sink, cabinets, and so forth. I looked down at the floor and said down. I slowly descended to the floor. I walked up too the bed and saw myself laying there. My skin was ashen white, and I saw blueness around my lips an fingernails.

I then crawled onto my body and found myself in a conscious state. I woke up with a start and with a cold sweat. I looked at the clock that was on the small table next to the bed and it said that it was 4:30am Thursday morning. Sunday morning I went to church and this girl that I prayed for during the out of body experience was in the church. The church service started and the pastor walked up to the podium and said this girls name. He then stated that God is still in the miracle working business. He then mentioned this girls name and stated that she miraculesly came out of a coma on Thursday morning at 4:30am. I found out that this girl, who was 12 at the time, went to a party but didn't come home when she was suppose too. Her mother went to the home where the party was and found her laying on the couch. She called the ambulance who quickly took her to the hospital. I found out that she had been in a coma on life support from Saturday evening until Thursday morning when she mysteriously came out of the coma at 4:30am Thursday morning. She was actually dead but on life support. God Yahweh used me too bring her back from the dead.

This out of body experienced that I had was from 11pm until 4:30 pm. So Kelby this could give  you an idea of the the length of an out of body experience that your brother had. I also had an out of body experience when God Yahweh literally took me out of my body to the apartment of this girls older sisters boyfriend. I won't tell you the entire story here but I was in the spirit sitting in the bedroom of this girls boyfriends apartment. I was sitting in a chair watching the two of them having sex. I saw it clearly. They were both naked standing at the foot of the bed. She was bent over slightly with legs spread and he was taking her from behind. I told God Yahweh, "Yahweh this is ****ography. I'm not suppose to look at ****ography." I then heard a voice in my right ear that said, "But this is what I see."

When I was pulled out of his apartment and went back to my own basement apartment, I found myself hovering over my body that was kneeling at the side of the bed in prayer. Slowly I descended and entered my body. Then  I found myself in an unconscious state and then a conscious state and I woke up. I looked at the clock and it was 6am. This out of body experience lasted from 8:30pm to 6am.

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Justin Beaver is a liar. female to male transgenders cannot get into the kingdom of God. Justin Beaver has to go to being the true gender that he was originally created. In other words, he has to go back to being a woman, that was is original gender. He is lying. He cannot be a Christian and still be a man when he was he is actually a female to male transgender.

If you look closely you will see an Adonis belt on Brittany Spears. Women Don't have Adonis belts, men do. Also, if you look at her hips, they are below her naval. In other words Brittany Spear isn't a woman. Brittany Spears is a male to female transgender. That is why she supports the LGBTQ trans community so much. She is one of them.

it is interesting that in 1858 Abraham Lincoln put in an application to be a Mason. However, in the last minute he rescinded his application because he didn't want anybody think that he did it for political reasons. However, Lincoln told a Rabbi that he was blone of his bone and flesh of his flesh. Notice that Lincoln always wore a top hat. Masons always wore a top hat. Besides, we are all related to Kinj James. How do I know. Well, King James was white wasn't he? No black, Asian, Indian, or any other race but the Caucasian race is related to King  John. I am also related to King John. This 9 year old girl revealed nothing. If you are Caucasian, you are related to King  John. So what did this 9 yearl old girl do? She did nothing and revealed nothing. There is nothing knew that these Presidents were related to King John. So was Van Buren, who I think was never married.

Obama was born in Kenya which means that it was illegal for him to be president. Also, he was not related to King John. When Obama was president, technically we had no president for eight years. When Obama was president, the Constitution was broken. The covenant was broken. Obama was not related to King John. Obama's mother was also Jewish, and the Jews are of the Synagogue of Satan. The Jews are ruling the world, and using all these secret societies.

Brittany Spears is a male to female transgender. If you look at her hips they are below the belly button. Also if you look closely, you can see the Adonis belt on both sides of her hips. You can never find Brittany Spears in any **** photo's simply because it is hard for her to hide the ***** between her legs. She would have to do a lot of leg crossing just like Raquel Welch has too. Raquel Welch is also a male to female transgender.

Martin Luther King  JR. was a communist, a plaigarizer, a fornicator and an adulterer. Also Jesus Christ never died for black people. Jesus Christ only came for the lost sheep of Israel who are the white Caucasian, Celtic, Anglo Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred people in the world today. The bible is about white people and white people only.

I should tell you my experiences of being in the abyss, of walking the streets of heaven, having out of body experiences. I thought I was mentally ill. and I have had people stay away from me thinking that I am Satanic. I can remember walking up and seeing me laying on a bed. I looked around where I lived and saw everything and felt everything but still i the spirit. What is interesting is that I'd be in a very dark place, but I could see right through the black like I had x-ray vision.

Well Kelby, I have had the very same experiences that these people have had. When I went to church, I don't any more because over 90% of church's in the U.S. are 501c3, I use to sit in the pew and listen to the pastor's sermon. As I was sitting there I would see evil spirits walking up and down the eiles. I received the gift of speaking in tongues through an out of body experience, and an angel came to me. Jesus Christ also came to me, hugged me, and kissed me on my left cheek. When I woke up in the morning I was speaking in tongues.