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Service #43-Prayer & Worship for All-Thoughts-Intent-Words-Tone-Contract

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Kelby ,I love you.Period.Keep on going.

Wee need you.

Creator of the univers ?????

Abba ????

,,In it it ,,thath is abba.Thath is my boy,my famaly boy.hungarien traslation.

Kelby ,I AM,YOU.and you are me.

Sio sorry,you don't help me to help o5hers..

i AM,You !!!

Time is running out.

If you help me,I help you more,If you love me ,I don't have to pay for it

Wee have a lot going on,you are also praying for me,becose the right direction,is on your way .Yes Kellby you are on the ok,only right track for the Americans and the whole world.You are blessed Kellby.

You are a leader,you are a special Soul,you are the creation take us.out from the dumps.You are my famaly of the original Spul.Your wish is grantad.