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Kelby talks on Land Patents and Public vs Private - Powerful show

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I have found a way to do everything with one piece of paper. Capture Your vessel straw man, and then you must return it to them as trustees and that puts all of your property and all of your securities in private and nobody can charge anything to you anymore and everything is for the benefit of the living man, but you first must declare and claim your living and live. I'm not telling anyone anything I haven't done and doing at this point. Everything I own is under the protection of the United States government and it's being protected in its private capacity. Everything I own is protected by the United States military and it's the private side that's being protected. You cannot take private property without just compensation. That private property was your estate. And you were given indemnity you must know how to use it and it takes one piece of paper. And attach to that piece of paper would be the meats and bounds of anything that you own and that is private they need to be notified of what needs to be protected when you file one paper.

Kelby, this is great information but I believe from what I see you're missing the largest and most hugest the biggest piece of this entire movement of freedom. I mean that seriously you're missing the biggest piece of all of this. There was a gentleman on b**** you that Sheridan audio from some people from Canada that everyone in this movement must listen to. I repeat nobody is out and free until they do one certain thing and then they can become completely free and in post-limity which means end the war