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I need a lot of training-Can I represent or help HISAdvocates

Call (844) 447-2386 x 705 for Information or text "Freedom" to (855) 452-0499

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But not much longer- need to foia some stuff b4 moving ANYTHING- these fools JIZRA your belongings then pick thru it - I watched my neighbors doing this but I was in the back yard of one of my only cool neighbors- and they were so excited nervous and finally they thought nobody was looking they lifted up my tarp and started rummaging thru my stuff- I HAVE A VERY WELL TRAINED DOG - I just opened the gate and said GO GET THE

              BAD GUYS——-if I had been able to record it would have been great  - but all my devices suddenly stopped working- these brown shirts and cops citizen infragusrd bull**** needs to be STOPPED

ONE HEADLIGHT CARS - tell me how people gonna see ten of em just running ERANDS

Oregano only FROM ZANE

It comes from Greece and the drops are not bad in a cap of some kind other vit (basically dump half the vitamin and add 5 or so drops - as I said AND YOU JUST CONFIRMED it is AN OPERATING SYSTEM

OH AND I have the author of silent weapons for silent wars - wanting my testimony- and HE IS A STRONG MAN OF GOD - lol


be safe brother and if you ever need anything I’m around the corner


THIS ONE TOTALLY RESONATES WITH ME - I stopped reading the list of vids- I am eternally grateful for this amazing channel and STRONG PATRIOTS-MEN OF GOD- are now contacting me -as my wonderfully indoctrinated and mind controlled “family” has ACTUALLY LOOKED INTO HAVING ME “COMMITTED” to NORWALK METRO - lol it’s like they are in extreme PANIC MODE -had to record this and have been creating files for any kind of defense and SINCE NO-WALK is WHERE I WAS TURNED INTO THE FBI FUSION -I FOUGHT A RIDICULOUS CASE IN THIS COURT (for ROBBING A DONUT SHOP -across from....NWK SHERIFF SUB STATION.  I’m being called a DEMON / and so much slanderous OBVIOUSLY RIDICULOUS AND INSULTING VERBAL ABUSE-AS I am being Accused of what they are doing - it would be funny but this is exhausting- I spent nearly NINE MONTHS IN TWIN TOWERS- the 18 year sentence NEVER OFFERED A PLEA - I FOUND GOD - we had MULTI CULTURAL BIBLE STUDIES-and I had the CHOWCHILLA chaplains BIBLE - a HUGE HARD COVERED BOOK W TRANSLATION AND CONCORDANCE- the man who took my daughter got custody WITH ME NEVER KNOWING I HAD COURT- believe me I am covered with evidence and I also LEARNED HOW TO GET ALLLLL KINDS OF PRIVILEGES AND DRS MINI MEALS DELIVERED BY THE SHERIFF 4 x a day - I went through 5 pub def and three da!?!?!  Sloppy -MY FATHER IS THE MASTER CHESS PLAYING ALL 10 BOARDS - THIS is THE DIRECT RESULT OF WEAK MEN LEADING THEIR OWN HOUSE ON A PATH TO HELL......for gift cards or whatever they get - like my broke nephews wife also broke - her dress was 3-5k EASY - and she DID install a remote access program sat down w my mom - now lie and nope she never touched it- my sis husband is Ex brown pride or whatever wack gang -he is 60 yo AND JUST STOPPED WEARING THE LONG SOCK BAGGY SHORT FLIP FLOP DARK GLASSES ON BALD HEAD- WEAK MEN ARE THE DOWNFALL OF THIS COUNTRY- that and THE SELFIE - it was all downhill from there lol
My final transformation of not being in the world but seeking to gtfo - led to dark days -GOD WAS THE ONE LEADING MY FEET AND MY SOUL TO MY FREEDOM AND INHERITANCE FROM MY FATHER.  
My people die for lack of KNOWLEDGE!

hey I have the info for your daughter- you need to convince her to do it - as well as yourself- as you are also FULL OF NANO AND SYLICA I have pix that would be x rated lol but even in the mucous (matrix anyone?) tiny white specs - and I use NO ARTIFICIAL CRAP - its med or vitamin FILLER - boron is the start- now vit has a good one - add a bottle of NAC - I get the TABLET - I believe that they may be better than the caps - oh one more thing oregano oil - sea moss gel (I can make u a jar for free I’m literally down the street from you off beach and Hillsborough- yup I don’t hide - it’s THE GLEN - I dare ANYONE to walk around this complex and NOT NOTICE THAT SOMETHING IS VERY OFF - and Biden brown shirts are ALLLLLL INFESTED- come hunt lizards!  I will PAY for evidence of this crap - but I digress- as far out there as it seems THE NANO WEAVES A WEB -INSIDE OF YOU - get ivermectin NOW - the horse paste is FINE - it’s enough to treat a 1200 lb horse - but I fill caps w potassium and SALT - drop five or six drops cap and if I KNOW that I ate a TRIGGER or got poisoned or even hit w an insane cv like flu - omfg my muscles aches in places I never felt - I was SO WEAK could barely walk- especially to my room upstairs- WHY DID I TAKE HANDFULLS OF BORON CAPS - 3/4 x a DAY - the DETOX HIT ME - AND IMMEDIATELY I WAS AT LEAST 75% BETTER?  
Look up the vid on the scientist w Lisa haven - says hurry before they take this down- it may feel worse so try to find detox BINDERS - the nano and PARASITES hate Diamacius (sp?) earth and iodine - so ivermectin (get a lot and if someone gets cv - or emf flu - squirt a bit of premeasured dewormer into a cap and swallow - it prevents cures and reverses cv nano web zombie parasites-check dr V 7 you will find my name EVERYWHERE- he has many vids on exactly what this is nano killers implant deactivators (all ten times and if you feel sick - you need to detox - AND YOU WILL KNOW WHEN THEY COME OUT.....they smell like what I imagine HELL SMELLS LIKE/ look up nano transhumanism - chuck misler was the last of Calvary- but nobody unpacked his truth bombs at the cc he WAS A GUEST speaker at / the parishioners looked COMPLETELY PERPLEXED AND NOBODY ASKED QUESTIONS AT THE END....pastor Stephen Darby ministries is on the same track as you and I - HE IS NOT AFRAID OF ANYTHING BUT GOD AND HIS JUDGEMENT OF MY REACTION AND MY is CATHOLIC lite - and it’s further compounded by THE CATHOLIC BASHING AT EACH ONE - no fail I dropped out of their bible college- based on ONE LESSON- the rapture .....I’ll die on my feet SERVING TRUTH TO PEOPLE AND MAKING USE OF THE TRIALS THAT I HAVE (more often than not) SUPERNATURALLY EMERGED FROM ALLLLL MY LIFE- what the enemy means for bad - WILL BE MADE FOR GOOD -cuz my DADDY can beat any other dad or a pack of BABY DADDIES- BECAUSE HE IS A FATHER AND HIS KINGDOM HIS HOUSE HAS KEPT THE LIGHT ON - (like motel 6) and ITS NOT ME - it’s HIM - hang in there- my nephew took it already- it’s not good look here - they  sell FREQUENCY MACHINES THAT AFFECT—-PARASITES?  Remember the cow mutilations?  Boron ivermectin NAC and probably heavy metal detox Cilantro tincture is good but bind them cuz metals just redistribute - they MUST BE FLUSHED - for you - START THE BORON TOO- look it up and SEE how FRIKKIN IMPORTANT THIS IS - old slave cures ALL are coming back - and they work - you’ll TRIP BUT your neck and exhaustion any fog will be BETTER