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How can I sue the government in the private

Call (844) 447-2386 x 705 for Information or text "Freedom" to (855) 452-0499

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Bro - I’m gonna attach some pix - apparently I have been employed by a Chinese pastor who owns a butt ton of INDIVIDUAL ministries - looks like 40-50 on a CV posted online- I also found some mining activity on my hacked phone logs CUZ  or something (i am CLUELESS ABOUT CRYPTO THANK GOD - lol and I wondered why I was not moving on it - CAN NOT FAKE MY IGNORANCE IN SOMETHING I AM POSSIBLY GOING TO BE ACCUSED OF DOING...  GOD IS SO GOOD- I had a 2nd CRAZY animal experience ( I’ve Always had crazy animal things - I’d take my fav people to talk to the horses in Fullerton- get some carrots and just call em over sit on the fence / only had the owner say who are you once they were OK COOL - there’s nothing better than riding a horse at a full run -every time I’d go riding those trail horse rides - they don’t even go with on some - omg I would break the pack horse off the trail and just let them run / once they get out of the pack they are like FINALLLY !!!!!!!!  and it’s crazy how fast they can run - it’s like flying ....  anyway the ministry thing is my employer- per my background check -i didn’t get a check yet lol

they buy the pads and have the security stalkers live in them - they are too exposed to do anything way too invested in the property- and their employees have now brought my daughter into their insanity- they have done it to keep them in their false generational curse- But I can prove ISAAC NEVER ADOPTED ME - he just enrolled me in school which I’d be interested in learning if grant money was involved- the new house in Cerritos across from a brand new elementary school where I was placed in the gifted program- NASA elementary school program- they had matching gold and silver Mach 5 mustangs - **** we had a touch screen computer in the house in the 70’s lol THERE IS A MONEY TRAIL AND IM SURE NOBODY IS IN THIS OLD MANS LIFE HIS FIFTH WIFE HE MARRIED SIX MONTHS ADTER MY MOM LEFT W HER KIDS - JUST LEFT HIM - she was a mail order bride he got the house in my mom 20 years of house wife two kids in high school AND ONE PREGNANT .... he kept his assets im sure I wonder if that’s what my brother issue is - it’s like they are so let down by the rapture the way my mom said it was in a defeated way ..... GOD NEEDS TO MOVE ON THIS - she’s had snakes telling her stuff talking about me for YEARS  - she looked me in the eyes and said she would never believe me that I am simply insane and she believes her “friends” and I’ve been saying this for two decades and they wont go to sit down with lance TO DISCUSS IT?  It’s all smelling and fishy- but they are very invested into the community/ I’d not want to displace anyone.....If possible lol it’s like three diff sets of interests are at play - Asian ministry being the biggest/ this place looks so ghetto they have kicked out the n Korean population?   Dude when do they leave once they are there??  I’m off beach and Hillsboro - the n Koreans have it all from Buena Park / but they all moved out??  Now wacky brown shirts of ghetto fabulousness like teens who weigh 90lbs but they walk around shirtless lol they got the energy so wacked -people done lost they MINDS  it’s probably good tv lol put cameras up and film their antics - this girl is danger now - 22 YEARS of hard  targeting I’m rh neg w lots of mutations and proof that may not be goood in the light - see you said it - you cannot go after the dod but they will pay for the sacrifice of their asset - it’s what they are there for...

Oh and I have the lot of em 2yo incl mobbing and calling the cousin Nancy cops - I caught it all  makes a great iMovie and the neighbor was Shocked- it’s three Indian women mom gma daughter and they stay to their selves she was blown away but I don’t involve her as a friend or whatever but told her I had her back I just caught them trying to get a bust pizza party/ I’m a total empath who has never let them speak the words of joining them- I also have hunted them plenty of times and GOD tells me or it’s just automatic but I’m  always catching them even when I don’t try and they are fascinated I guess lol  but they would know it’s not me it’s God and each curse is coming back to them here or later - but it will I am no saint I spent YEARS RUNNING IN PANIC MODE FROM SOMETHING I COULD NOT SEE OR FIGURE OUT - it’s so many people involved sell out people In EVERY BIZ YHE LAWN THE TRASH UTILITIES THE POOP WATER LOL they are hard to follow the money trail but I just wait for the clarity and push on - I instinctively KNEW to stop selling handbags- I was really working out the kinks for a flipping course - designer bags just fit with a shelter and as a retail store taking old ladies Louis V For tax donations- consignment and retail reintegration therapy  I have several streams but still don’t understand crypto lol it seems like they think I do  dummies can’t beat GOD - he pays 10 level chess

I put flyers for community harassment up and she was screaming about getting sued and taking her house ??  She took them down ..... these people are messing with a 75 year old ex missionary who was put thru mk monarch trauma bonding for twenty years-she was told to not give me any physical love - so she bought me stuff - but they are laughing at the whole thing they are manipulating her too cuz she is saying crazy things like good let them set you up ??  It’s like some thing pops in is vile and not her ....and then she is back to a superficial level of coasting ..... she did long term missionary work and she was so much better than now it’s crazy but Calvary is a ****ing cult - maybe not all but I know that the pastor saw that chair curse and he knows what that is it’s witchcraft and he should be coming to the house to help the old church lady ..... it’s like this is just about money - then hiding it - a mass surveillance scene fits right in...  

the two sex dating accounts are NOT my daughters .....very bad reviews that its harassment and sex cams.

the name on my mom property is OFF - a uk co.  Deed theft is HUGE the community dues association voting notice that makes no sense at all even to me community areas and access and running for office? My sis name ONLY ??  They do it like that - is Calvary helping Asian ministry MEN OF GOD WHO OWN MANY MINI MINISTRIES- oh how blessed we are lol ugh   Sad but I can’t seem to get real mls info any more I used to have real access then zilliow was good enough but they are closing down the web  said the spider to all  the flies

WHEN ROME CAME WE RAN TO THE HILLS WHY IS EVERYONE SO STUCK - I read the book of Thomas it says the truth is a blow then a something then you find the Pearl / man I jacked that scripture up lol but it’s like ok THIS ****S BUT LETS ADAPT

look up the good pastor- he’s amazing lol

this is negotiation not takedown....., I mean unless they all  moved in for ME? Lol it’s like private military housing here now and im sorry but the fact that that pastor lives here and not one person comes over?  
oh and the biz I have CONCEPTs on are DaPoppySpot and my nephew molested my daughter...... THIS IS DISGUSTING AND MY MOM CANT EVEN SEE IT MY BRO WONT COME OVER TO CHECK OUT THE SITUATION AND PRAY ?  Fix the dirty electricity- it’s so ridiculous I want to smack they moms for how stupid they are this snitching crap is ugly biz that makes cnn pay attention

and builds wells

And towers

Bless FAM

OH yeah I lost TWO diff friends- two strong black men who rap INDEPENDENT men changed men w kids - drop dead in their house- it was his heart ???  No it was a hit and they will call it COVID

crap and the Giant Horned owl?  Last time he came I barely made it out and managed to get my stuff and out wit them by neighbor calling a taxi and I kept alll my electronics boxes etc - pawn shop kept me safe n financed that bad ass Yukon rental and extended stay hotel lol


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THANK YOU THIS IS LITERALLY WHAT I LOGGED IN TO GET CLARITY ON - I am of the same mindset and it is THE INDIVIDUALs AT THE CORE OF THE INITIAL DECIET - agents who are MEN who do the bidding or dirty work for favor payment or whatever REASON- ALL HAD A CHOICE TO ACT IN A MANNER OF BASIC GOOD OR EVIL / if there were NO MORE PEOPLE WHO ARE WILLING TO ACCEPT SAID “contract” employment are EXPENDABLE- and they are the weak link that will allow an individual to seek recompense for the ACTIONS AND DEEDS OF ALL AGENCIES.....which for simplicity I will refer to as a WHOLE ENTITY- as I see no real reason to separate them from their AGENDA - THE BEAST SYSTEM cannot be taken on in any effective manner by anything BUT THE CREATOR HIMSELF- however the INDEPENDENT CONTRACT AGENTS ARE MEN WHO CAN BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR OWN ACTIONS- and if this is adhered to I believe that we CAN EFFECTIVELY seek legal justice- and the scales tip in the favor of the law and any actions MUST be made AGAINST the MAN who made a conscious decision to be used AS A PATSY -to INSULATE THE AGENCY and ensuring that the burden fall upon them - it’s a WIN WIN because THE BEAST SYSTEM will never acknowledge their actions they hide intent behind ACTIONS OF MEN / if we had no people who are of such low moral compass to agree to the terms of a job that they SHOULD HAVE THE DISCERNMENT of BAD ACTIONS ILLEGAL ACTIONS- if we had people who were not willing to compromise their integrity who willingly act on behalf of The Beast System illegally immorally or defamatory  causing harm to another individual for pay or favor - we would not have a Nazi reich coming in -the Nazis DID NOT HAVE TO RECRUIT PEOPLE.....they would actually be VERY SUSPICIOUS OF ANYONE WHO CAME TO THEM SEEKING TO JOIN- this person was immediately suspected of being a spy and with this they rose to power very rapidly and it was not by intimidation and fear but a very smart psy op that rose upon the backs of men and women who had been indoctrinated yes manipulated yes deceived yes - but they were given free choice and ALLOWED THEMSELVES TO BE LED ASTRAY (CORE WORD ASTRA? Hmmm) and so a total of seven patsies were offered for a mock trial as the USA said DAMN THESE PEOPLE ARE SMART -WE WANT TO LEARN HOW TO DO THIS TOO.....and here we are.  The only way to make a valid case is to seek justice on a level playing field MAN TO MAN - and the further they are from official employment by the beast the better - we can only attack them by attacking the patsy who will not be acknowledged by the beast as acting on its behalf - they are the buffer and they are MEANT TO TAKE THE BLOWBACK- it’s why they were chosen to do the deed / they are disposable pawns mere mortal men who have harmed mortal men and holding them accountable will be a VERY SIMPLE OPEN SHUT CASE.

I believe that Calvary chapel was one of these patsies and are actively protecting the crown and it’s interests - it matters not if this is known or unknown and we both know that  NONE OF THE TYRANNY OF INJUSTICE WOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO GAIN POWER HAD THE INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE OF GOD ALLOWED THEMSELVES TO BE DECEIVED BY MERE MEN INTO INACTION AND DOING THE BIDDING OF THE BEAST - TO ALLOW THE POWER OF THE GIFT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT TO BE FORSAKEN AND ULTIMATELY LEAVING THEM POWERLESS WHILE ALLOWING THEM TO CHOOSE THE NARROW PATH OF GOD AND BE LED BY MEN WHO THEN BECOME THEIR GODS - ITS REALLY QUITE IMPRESSIVE AND IS BOTH SAD AND OBVIOUSLY WICKED IN ITS METHOD - it’s the plot of satan to be a deceiver and we are instructed to use this gift of the SPIRIT OF GOD.....lest it be taken away and blinders places upon the eyes of those who chose to allow themselves to be deceived - THE HOUSES OF GOD ARE EXACTLY WHERE WE SHOULD EXPECT TO FIND THE DEVIL TO BE HIDING IN- I have seen this from the beginning and in separating myself from worship of falsehood became immediately cast out as wicked and vile as A GODLESS BODY OF IDOLATERS STAND IN FALSE FAVOR AND BECOME THE EFFECTIVE INSTRUMENT OF SATAN ......too prideful to believe that they have been led astray as they sink deeper and deeper into a strong delusion - I believe that they will not be allowed to redeem themselves and it is our job to NOT ALLOW THEM TO TAKE US WHO STAND IN THE TRUE SPIRIT OF GOD DOWN WITH THEM.  We can only separate from them and by an EXAMPLE of the ONE WHO SENT US AND THE POWER OF THE GIFTS WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN - simply stand in truth continue to seek justice for ourselves and for those who we are called to help - the least of us must ACT under HIS AUTHORITY and COMMANDMENTS and maintain our own sovereignty and inheritance- SEPARATE FROM MAN  - LEST WE FALL ASLEEP OURSELVES OR WASTE OUR TIME ENERGY AND ULTIMATELY LOSE OUR OWN SALVATION in the process because of the hate rejection and attacks will be made and they will be from the ones who we have the most love for - as they have become our accusers and it is painful to seek the love of your Mother your sister brother who refuse to stand up for you - I’ve been persecuted by my own family for OVER TWENTY YEARS - and the simple truth is that had they stood up for me in the first place- NONE OF THE ATTACKS COULD HAVE BEEN MADE - I have been wasting time energy and sacrificing my own soul by allowing them to sacrifice me as a scapegoat- it’s like raging against the machine- fruitless and futile..... my mother truly believes that she is saved and she cannot see the truth and I cannot make her see it ..... I’ve spent my ENTIRE LIFE TRYING TO GET HER LOVE ..... but she must break her own programming and trauma bonded relationships are not easy to understand and the devils foothold gains strength off of my pain and frantic attempts to gain favor from someone who CHOOSES TO REMAIN IN THE PARADIGM OF HATE /—even exerting influence over those who want to help who KNOW ITS THE RIGHT THING TO DO - but choose to save themselves and remain in the favor and love of the same person as myself- I really thought my brother would do the right thing and see the truth TO STEP UP AS MAN OF A WEAKENED HOUSE .....sadly he has not and the craziest thing is that I am UNDER ATTACK BECAUSE I STOOD UP FOR THEM - I EXPOSED THE TRUTH TO PROTECT THEM AND THEY HAVE ALLOWED THE REPERCUSSIONS FOR MY ACTIONS TO REMAIN UPON MY HEAD AND HAVE CAST MY DAUGHTER OUT FOR EXPOSING HER ABUSE- they all have government jobs and favor while myself and my house are ruthlessly destroyed TO OBTAIN MAINTAIN AND THE MORE THEY SEPARATE FROM THE ATTACKS TO SAVE THEMSELVES THE MORE I UNDERSTAND WHAT THE ENEMY IS DOING TO THEM THRU MY ACCUSERS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR A VERY LONG TIME AND UNFORTUNATELY CALVARY CHAPEL HAS BEEN INVOLVED FROM THE BEGINNING.  There are no coincidences and I have a very high intelligence as well as a hardwired right vs wrong morality that has caused me to see the truth and be very confused by the world from as young as I can recall -  I felt alien to the world and it’s ways and confused by the hate - I WAS FOUR YEARS OLD WHEN MY STEP MONSTER WAS SENT TO ME - I remember arguing with an evil demon who had been sent to destroy me and they could not tell that this man who was controlling and evil in his spirit in his intentions was not AS GLARINGLY OBVIOUS TO EVERYONE AS IT WAS TO ME?  A man who is vehemently opposed to by a four year old child IS A DEMON.  A man who argued with a small child until they gained control over the the whole by separating and dividing by banishing all who DID SEE THE TRUTH- is pure evil and that evil CONTINUES TO RULE SADLY AS my mother brother sister and all allow the attacks to continue while proclaiming THEIR HOLINESS?  It’s a very hard fact that I wasted too many years of crying for help that is not going to come and Calvary is so much a part of this abuse that I cannot believe I did not see it until I was 50?  My brother was “saved” by Lance Cooke- at age 17..... it is not a coincidence that Lance Cooke is now my Moms pastor and the church has been there to keep the secrets of this Illuminati order from the beginning......this is GLARINGLY OBVIOUS NOW THAT I AM BREAKING MY OWN PROGRAMMING- I am recovering memories that threaten the secret and I must reconcile the fact that the more I bring truth forward the more I will be attacked and is quite impressive in it’s evil manipulation of light and dark —- and it’s all about the secret and keeping it ....I stood up to an evil I had no idea how deep it was how far it would  go to maintain its hold - my oldest daughter and I are the only ones who have dared to speak up and we are the only ones who were immediately cast out and allowed to take the repercussions and attacks alone - all by DESIGN.  It’s not easy to swallow this truth and the most insane part is I DON’T THINK I COULD HAVE DONE ANYTHING DIFFERENT- I had left at 17 I took auto shop and secretary classes my best friend by my side- she is my family- we both typed at like 60 wpm knew filing and answering phones - and we can  change our own tires lol  we BOTH had very well paying secretary jobs immediately after graduating- I moved out the day I graduated - I was 17.  But THE ENEMY continues to try to keep us apart because we are one and it’s insane that just speaking with her causes chains to fall and truth to be revealed dots connect so fast it’s hard to process- the last email that got thru was late July / she was shocked that it was from early MAY.  
You have been a chain breaker as well and your allerts emails texts are being rerouted and it’s so ridiculous that I cannot understand HOW THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN SO GODLY - were my own EXAMPLE TO FOLLOW - have been manipulated or even just too afraid to stand up to a power that gains from their actions of INACTION AND REJECTION....they have placed themselves so far above me that I’ve never had a chance to get their approval their love or even protection......I saved them and they allowed me to take the hits and they will continue to do so - with Calvary chapel and its cult brainwashing ensures that this paradigm of insanity and hate intolerance and haughtiness CONTINUES ...... it’s draining my love for humanity and allowing a MASONIC GENERATIONAL CURSE TO LAY CLAIM—- as they keep its secret oaths and I know that if the oldest living patriarch is unable or unwilling to pray for its removal that the oldest living male CAN STEP IN TO BREAK IT.... my brother has been told the truth asked to take this on and he is now ghosting me.... ensuring the curse have FOUR GENERATIONS OF POWER.....the most “Christian” man i knew is unwilling to stand in the GAP THAT I STOOD IN FOR THEM WHEN I WAS in my EARLY TWENTIES?   I would have never outed the abuse but I learned that he had touched my sister SO I MADE THEM ALL FREE - and they have left me on the cross for 22 years?????  It’s almost laughable how much irony is involved in this deception - a stronghold that is easily cast off by prayer and unity in truth- is ignored and they play the game of seeing the reality that is false because ITS EASIER?  Lol I FEEL SORRY for them but now I take them down off their unattainable loftiness and it’s time to seek justice for the sin through the MAN who brought the curse.  
He owns several properties and is just a MAN.  
I’ve already made a flowchart of this focusing on the PERSON AND NOT TAKING ON AN EMPIRE BUT BY TAKING OUT THE ROTTEN PEOPLE USED AS ITS INSTRUMENTS- it’s not surprising that the exact confirmation to the entire strategy was ready for me as soon as I logged in - see I expect miracles as much as I expect to be spiritually attacked..... I’ve survived on this supernatural POWER OF A FATHER WHO HAS ALWAYS BEEN IN MY LIFE AND HE IS POURING OUT HIS BLESSINGS AND HE IS MOVING MOUNTAINS TO DO IT - I have been in chills for months I feel it growing to my core and it’s not some new age ascension crap - it’s THE POWER OF GOD AND ITS SO STRONG that it’s affecting all I see think say do - it’s a warrior power of miracles and transformation and truth......and Kelby- not one of the good Christian people around me even feels it..... it’s becoming glaringly obvious that they have never experienced the supernatural miracles or supernatural spiritual warfare attacks - it’s just an abstract construct in their false reality.  But we know there is so much more- it’s like GOD CRACK lol I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF IT AND ID BE IN WITHDRAWAL FEIND MODE IF IT WAS SUDDENLY GONE.  I was a rock and roll stoner hippy thank goodness lol BUT THE SUPERNATURAL GOD CRACK IS THE BOMB SAUCE AND I AM CRAVING IT LIKE NEVER BEFORE BECAUSE ITS A POWER THAT IS MAKING ITSELF KNOWN LIKE NEVER BEFORE AND IT’S NOT GOING TO STOP - I’m riding this wave allllll the way HOME......

sorry for being so ridiculously long winded - it’s the telesales master in me lol / it’s pretty crazy how similar our lives are but we were being trained in speaking and the business of fortresses- I too went into real estate and had the rug pulled out from my feet in the crash - and I’ve been rich and poor - these are lessons that the people who are calling themselves the “church” have been shielded from and now they are growing cold compassion for humanity is leaving and the Holy Spirit is leaving many people and it’s gotta go somewhere that it’s going to be appreciated and I cannot wait to see how the story ends because it’s WHY IM HERE.

It’s why I was born..... and I am happy that I saw the rapture bs at cc bible college.....and get this— pastor Brian who taught that college planting churches etc the pastor I left Calvary chapel because of the pastor of  la Mirada Calvary—— lives in this condo complex ....... they are so dirty and they are so afraid of exposure.......

ANYWAY - I don’t know if you can take on a legal issue but the man is 80 plus - I gotta get him before he croaks (lizards live for a long time DONT they)  I have the testimony of my sister and he has substantial assets that can fund wells AND AIRPLANES- plus its property and assets of a MISER - And I LOVE TO SHARE .....

his name is Isaac William Quimby Jr. he was in an irregular lodge so most masons don’t even associate with them - not sure about attacking the lodge but def the Girl Scouts and a so Baptist church he was a member as well as Sunday school teacher- I’ve got the testimony Of dozens of people who will have no problems saying that he did this .......and how it affected them- it may even be the catalyst to them seeing that It’s not alllll my fault and take me off  their cross .... of course that’s just an old rotten thing I left behind but they think it’s me so whatever lol