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Have you ever had that tiny thought of confusion as to why a righteous God would command us to obey unethical laws? Well that confusion ended here as Kelby gave clarity in true context of Romans 13 and the like. This will set your hearts free!

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True. The final act that God Yahweh did was when Jesus Christ gave up the ghost on the cross, God Yahweh walked into the temple and ripped a part the vail that was bertween the Holy place and the Holy of Holy place. By doing this God Yahweh released the Holy Spirit and opened God Yahweh's court room too and for his people Israel who are the white Caucasian, Celtic, Anglo Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred people in the world today. God Yahweh's court room is not for all races of people. Only the white race sinned.

hey brother, Ill have to agree to disagree with you. Actually the 2nd sin thats recorded in the cannon (holy bible) is Cain slewing his brother, remember? And what was Gods punishment? He "marked " him. Now if your standing on the ground looking up toward God wheres this "mark" gonna be? Im betting all over his whole body thats visible.. Obviously where Cain couldn't possibly hide it or cover it up, so all over, After all he did say he "feared anyone who saw him would kill him". Now examine an african man. Especially the soles of his feet and the palms of his hands, they're not black are they? No they're as white as yours and mine. "Ye shall know them by they're fruit or works" The most killing of people killing they're own people is black on black crime. FBI statistics tell all. Im just saying. But for the record Cain died a righteous man. see Book of Adam and Eve 1&2 So I expect to see him in the Kingdom

The veil was rent asunder from top to bottom to show that man can come to God now, we have a bridge his name is Adonia Yeshua (Jesus)and his righteousness covers us so God the father sees each of us through the righteousness of his awesome son.

wow, a heated discussion I see...well allow me... I would say that we must go to the master himself to settle this which he does in Matt.13:24-30 & 37-43. The wheat and the tare parable. Lord Yeshua told it but after the crowd left his disciples  asked him to explain this one, which he does... which means its to be taken literally. Theres good Jews and bad, good Americans and bad. The enemy always infiltrates things and destroys from within, case & point "America today". Anything God does the enemy imitates to confuse & mislead..decieve.

    In my opinion we shouldn't worry about the Jews, cuz we've got enough problems of our own to worry about. Like blatantly violating the 4th commandment every single week since like 400ad ..worshipping on the 1st day instead of the 7th that God sanctified and blessed & told us to do as well.

    And it gripes me to see on church marquis "easter egg hunt for the kids" in honor of Ashtorath..Estorie, or as we call it "Easter". Why not "Passover"? After all HE is our Passover lamb! And the scripture is crystal clear, 3 days and 3 nights he spent in the grave correct?  well it doesn't take a mathmatition to count fri, sat & sunday without seeing a problem.

  Then you got the whole Christmas thing, smh. when zach was doing his duties in the synagogue and the angel came and told him John the Baptiser woud be born to his wife Elizabeth, that was in like April and when Mary recieved her good news she went and told her about it, John leaped in the womb so he was ready to come out, But mary just conceived so our Messiah birthday can't be in December, more like september around feast of booths or trumpets as it does mean "God with man".

So there was a movie long time ago, a lot of clues and hidden truths in it and it was called "They Live". Roddy Piper the wrestler was in it. Its actually not a bad movie, but the director said it was a documentary, I kid you not!  The eyes are a gateway to the soul. Now the movie had these glasses you could putmonand see who the enemy was, but thats how they tell us ahead what they're doing. Example here is this "the eyes" look at the eyes of these famous people, the actors and powerful bankers politicians etc. They're not "cockeyed" but if you pay attention you'll notice that 1 eye is different.. it looks fixated or robotic. These are of the enemies bloodline, Like the Nephilim(gen.6:4). Some sensitive to the spirit will get aggitated deep in their stomach when the get close to one of them.

They're still, giants but just not in size, but in power, naturally they would be in places to deceive and mislead the masses, and they loooove to be worshipped...

But yeah, ONLY the Lord knows who is who. Read Matt.13 and see that even some of the angels might mess up and pluck a righteous man casting him into judgment. This is how we know they're is a departure of Gods people .God will not judge a place even if theres just 1 righteous man in it. Remember Lot & his family? The angels said "were sent here to destroy this place but we can't until your out."  Thanks n God Bless all Y'all my brothers and sisters.


In the Old Testament the Jews did not hang out with God Yahweh. God Yahweh hated the Jews he said so in Malachi and also in Obadiah. God Yahweh says that Jacob he loves but Esau he hates. In the book Obadiah it talks about the annihilation of the Edomites. The Jews of today are Edomites, Ashkenazi, Sephardic, and Kazarian. Over 90% of the Jews today are Edomites/Ashkenazi. They are not Israel. True Israel are the white Caucasian, Celtic, Anglo Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred people in the world today. The bible is about Adam kind and Adam means white people to show in the face red, to be ruddy, to be able to blush. Only white people blush. The bible is about Adam kind or his descendants (Genesis 5:1), or white people.

Was James Timothy Turner a State National, a man living under God's Law? And if he was a threat to the U.S. CORPORATION as you say, then, how was he sentenced for 20 years and still behind bars?  Why and how does the U.S. CORP jail God's people?  What protection do God's people have against the U.S. CORP?

No he was not a state of the Union Citizen.  Come onto our Question and Answer show on Weds on the Events Calendar to have your questions answered.