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When I was in the National Guard doing combat operations in Germany, I would pull out my bible when I was in the barracks as I was waiting to be called out in the field. The other soldiers would give me an arguement and complain to the commanding officer. Another time when I was in German and in the barracks, I started to read my bible. The other soldiers would show me centerfolds of naked white women, black women, Hispanic women, and also Oriental women. They would try to distract me with ****ography.

I can relate what Kelby is saying. I can remember when all I had was $20 on me, and I walked 20 miles or more looking for a job. I went to the unemployment office two and three times a week. I went to church on a regular basis, and I would ask the members to pray for me to get a job. I was told, "Forget about prayer get yourself a job." one lady told me that I was in sin, and that is why I didn't have a job. I would pray about getting advice or understanding, or maybe a couple of dollars, and God Yahweh would send somebody in the church for help. I was told no. I remember walking to where I lived and I was about a block away from where I lived when a cop stopped along side the sidewalk I was walking on and the cop asked me where I lived. I point to the door way and I told him that is where I live, right in that door way. He looked at the door way where I pointed and then said, "OK, well members of the church are calling the police and calling you a vaguerent,

Kelby, you never listened to the Jews who testified that there was no holocaust. The reason for the star that they wore is because the Jews are the cause of the problems. Remember, the Jews have been kicked out of every European country at least once, many times up to three times. In fact, the King of England in 800 AD kicked the Jews out of England forever. It wasn't until about 1810 that Napoleon released the Jews from the Ghetto. Less than 10 years later Napoleon was deposed, and he was deposed by the Jews that he released from the Ghetto's.

One thing that most people in the U.S. don't know is that the National Guard are the combat arms of the United States. Over 85% of our combat forces are in the National Guard. I know, I was one of them. When I was in Germany with the National Guard, I pulled out my bible to read it when I was in the barracks on the American side of a German air base. The soldiers that I was with gave me an argument because I was reading the Bible. They even complained to the commanding officer about it.

Another time when I was in Germany at the same base waiting to go on the battlefield to do training (I was Op four, or Opposing Forces at the time) I again pulled out my bible. The soldiers that were in the barracks with me had **** magazines and were showing me naked center folds of white women, black women, Oriental women, and Hispanic women. It was disgusting, and I told them to stop with the ****ography.

I eventually had to take early retirement from the military (after 23 years) because I was deemed mentally ill. I asked the Psychiatrist (who was black) if they deemed me to be mentally ill because I am a Christian and believed what the Bible says. I was told yes.

When I was with the Special Forces, I went to Russia and jumped with the Russian Spetsnaz and trained with them. I stayed in the hotel called "Salud," which means salute, greetings, hello. One thing I noticed in Moscow is the high rise apartment buildings. I stayed in a hotel room on the 16th. floor. When I looked out the window there were apartments that were 4 and 5 blocks long and 20 to 30 stories high. I saw very little property ownership in the city itself.

When we traveled to the air strip to do our training and to jump (I jumped from a Russian Bi-plane at 2,000 feet and a Hypo helicopter at 3,000 feet) I noticed gated communities, but no real private ownership of anything. We passed by cows that were grazing just a few feet a way from the road that we were driving on. There were no fences to keep them in and protected. The reason for all of this is because the state or the government, and local governments owned everything. No private property anywhere.