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Can I get an MSO for a vehicle if it has already been registered

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Thank you Kenneth - yes you are correct I am very very very new at this, so no I do not take you wrong.  I am asking a lot of questions right how to try and understand the proper moves to make to work on getting out of the system at the same time learning how to not create new contracts.  I will keep listening and keep learning. 

How do I learn more about not using Fed Notes to pay for things? I have heard this also in relationship to houses.  I was positioning myself to pay off my home because before getting involved with HISAdvocates this was the financial strategy and I have heard this same thing pertaining to not paying in Fed Notes for the house.

Thank you again for your input.

May I also add that doing what you want to do requires much knowledge on this subject.. as soon as you go down the road, you will run into a hot shot cop, he will pull you over, you will be handcuffed, you will go to jail, you will face a judge, you will face the court and you need great knowledge in how to control the court and the judge. By you asking your questions it is obvious you are not knowledgable enough to win this battle…. You will find yourself in trouble. Please do not take me wrong or be offended by my words. You must know what your facing before it happens so your ready when that day comes.. This will not be you getting pulled over and the cop just letting you go.. It is never that easy. The hot shot cop is only the beginning and the judge and court will eat you up and spit you out quickly into a jail cell. You need extensive training and learning in all aspects of the system they created in order to control the judge…. May God be with you!

Actually in order to do that the right way you should pay for the car in something other than fed notes. You also need to watch what your name is written as. Remember they added the sur name at birth and capitalized it (CORPORATION) to make you the debtor because they cannot take a man into there court system and claim jurisdiction on such unless you consent to being what they created…  The answer to your question is you cannot have a finance company involved at all. You cannot use fed notes to purchase the car, and you should not use your name that is on your birth certificate…. This is only my opinion, others on this site will probably beg to differ.. seems like everyone on here has there own thoughts and remedies.