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Australian Dan Andrews plans to lockout unV ONLY V can participate in the economy John 316 146

Here we go!!!

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It is of time to form local mini economies in Australia, the united states of America and the world.

Water, food, shelter, community, barterability (gold, silver, talents, knowledge, food) and security are the necessities of every man &  woman under God.

Become INDEPENDENT of the world, DEPENDENT on God AND INTER-DEPENDENT with with His people and like-minded community.

It's time!

It's time to stop GOING to church.

It's time to start BEING The Church wherever we go.

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What a piece of demonic filth, this creature is! Seriously, if the Lord allowed me to help PUSH some of these evil people into hell, I would do it. This is absolutely disgusting and without scientific evidence behind it...just pure evil and the killing of many!

Can someone please provide the link to share? God bless y'all!