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Are you under government mandates if you are a state Citizen

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Thanks Kelby!
Here's definition of mandate from Black's Law Dictionary
4th Edition, page 1114:

MANDATE. A command, order, or direction,
written or oral, which court is authorized to give
and person is bound to obey. Silverman v. Seneca
Realty Co., 276 N.Y.S. 466, 154 Misc. 35.

A judicial command or precept proceeding from a
court or judicial officer, directing the proper officer
to enforce a judgment, sentence, or decree.
Seaman v. Clarke, 69 N.Y.S. 1002, 60 'App.Div. 416;
Horton v. State, 63 Neb. 34, 88 N.W. 146.

A precept or order issued upon the decision of
an appeal or writ of error, directing action to be
taken, or disposition to be made of case, by inferior
court. Egbert v. St. Louis & S. F. R. Co.,
50 Okl. 623, 151 P. 228, 230.

In some of the state jurisdictions, the name
"mandate" has been substituted for "mandamus"
as the formal title of that writ. Chrisman v. Superior
Court in and for Fresno County, 63 Cal.
App. 477, 219 P. 85, 86; Davies v. Board of Com'rs
of Nez Perce County, 26 Idaho, 450, 143 P. 945, 946.

A bailment of property in regard to which the
bailee engages to do some act without reward.
Story, Bailm. § 137; Maddock v. Riggs, 106 Kan.
808, 190 P. 12, 16, 12 A.L.R. 216.

Mandates and deposits closely resemble each other; the
distinction being that in mandates the care and service are
the principal, and the custody the accessory, while in
deposits the custody is the principal thing, and the care
and service are merely accessory. Story, Bailm. § 140.

A contract by which a lawful business is committed
to the management of another, and by him
undertaken to be performed gratuitously. The
mandatary is bound to the exercise of slight diligence,
and is responsible for gross neglect. Richardson
v. Futrell, 42 Miss. 525; Williams v. Conger,
8 S.Ct. 933, 125 U.S. 397, 31 L.Ed. 778.

A mandate, procuration, or letter of attorney is an
act by which one person gives power to another
to transact for him and in his name one or several

The mandate may take place in five different manners,-
for the interest of the person granting it only; for the
joint interest of both parties; for the interest of a third
person; for the interest of a third person and that of the
party granting it; and, finally, for the interest of the mandatary
and a third person. Civ.Code La. arts. 2985, 2986.

The word may also denote a request or direction.
Thus, a check is a mandate by the drawer to his
banker to pay the amount to the transferee or
holder of the check. 1 Q.B.Div. 33.

Civil Law. The instructions which the emperor
addressed to a public functionary, and which
were rules for his conduct. These mandates resembled
those of the proconsuls, the mandata jurisdictio,
and were ordinarily binding on the legates
or lieutenants of the emperor•in the imperial
provinces and there they had the authority of
the principal edicts. Say.Dr.Rom. c. 3, § 24, no. 4.