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Level 1 state Citizenship Webinar


2017-1-28-StateCitzenshipTraining-Level-I by knownperson on Scribd

Documents links for download:
Passport Application in Word
Explanitory Statement in Word  - New - 4-2-2018
Declarations without the U.S. - Goes with the Application
Law Regarding Tax ID Number - Goes with the Application
Law Regarding no SS - Goes with the Application
State Department Letter - Goes with the Application
Manual Style for Nationality - Goes with the Application
Letter to the IRS - Goes with the Application


Option #1:  Do this entire process yourself and the above documents will get you started.  When you come into a road block, please join as a VIP member using the code ADMIN30 (This will give you the first 30 days for free) and we will extend the needed documents to you so that you can respond.  You more than likely have to pay after the first 30 days for a few months as they are pushing back against this process.  They don't want people to be free. 
Option #2:  Commit to a year on the VIP and we will handle all the documents for you.  Join as VIP  -  Submit a support request and give us your commitment on that support topic of your desire to have us do the passport process for you and that you will commit to a VIP membership for 1 year.  This membership will give you so much access to areas of our site that is just for VIP Members, like our Living in the Private group which is a private community for people to talk, exchange and grow thier minds.  
For Option 1 people:  What you want to do is read these following instructions as it pertains to how to deal with getting your passport documents filed at the United States Post Office. You want to do first of all you is you must read your explanatory statement letter completely from beginning to end. The explanatory statement must be notarized prior to going into the post office.   Make a photo copy of your entire application and all documents for your records.

When dealing with the post office we have only had one person have an issue and it was quickly resolved after they call me and I told him what to do when they went back into the post office and was able to file it.  

1. You are paying them for a service.  
2.  They cannot tell you or give you legal advice.
3.  Know that the post office worker cannot tell you what you must have on your application.  

So when you are discussing anything with them, remember that you generally are dealing with somebody who’s just obeying policy and no real understanding of how to effect any help for you. So your goal is just to get it filed, not to argue. Do not raise your voice, do not talk condescending, do not be rude, be very respectful as you educate somebody who you will need in the future to file more of these for your family and friends. So when they tell you they must have a social you simply point them to the privacy act [on your explanatory statements] and point them to the fact the reference that they give pertaining to IRS code 6039 is dealing with a tax identification number and not a social that you are not a business and therefore no social is required.  The privacy act from the 70s stipulates that you are not required to put a social to gain any benefit, right, or privilege. They don’t need to understand all the extra statements on the application itself. If they say you’re not allowed to change the application simply give them a copy of the letter that I gave you from the Department of State that says differently.

All those documents that you have other than the IRS letter goes with the package when you’re submitting it to the United States Post Office. Meaning you are going to ask them to turn your explanatory statements and all supporting documents in with your application. They will be trans-boxing the whole package together to the State Department.  So your goal today is simply to get it submitted and that is going to take knowledge by your sitting down and reading the explanatory statement through and through.  You will have an understanding of what to say and when to say by doing this.  There should be no excuses as to why you don’t have an answer or a supporting document or the law if you’ve read your explanatory statements.

There is a separate letter that must be mailed to the IRS (Certified) with a green card receipt coming back to you.   I WOULD NOT CHANGE THE LETTER AT ALL.  Make sure you get a green card at USPS so you can prove notification went if ever needed.  That letter goes to:  

Office of the Chief Counsel, IRS
801 9th Street
NW, Mint Building, Room 4-157
Washington, DC 20220
non-domestic w/o United States

This is really all you need in order to get your application submitted so if there’s any questions whatsoever you have any hiccups feel free at that time to call (844) 447-2386 x 702 God bless you. If you have any more questions post them here and we will get them responded to.