"state" Citizen-national-Training #1- Who Are You?

HISAdvocates Member..  We have journeyed long and hard to get here.  If you are a part of the Living in the Private Program, this webinar is FREE to you.  Contact us for your registration coupon code.  You still must register to receive your ticket. 

This single day training will grip you on a new way of thinking about who you are.  You will get past the old guy/girl who identifies with being a slave and start getting onto thinking way bigger about yourself, your future and what GOD gave you.  This event is about finding you and your calling.  You may think that you know who you are, but I assure you that you have so much about yourself that you need to learn.   YOU ARE A BLESSING, YOU ARE POWERFUL. 

This event will tackle some of the hardest topics on identification. 

  • How we got to this place in our country
  • Lies from all directions - The chief liar
  • Symbolism in plain sight
  • How are you being programmed
  • What habits are you doing that allow for controls in your life
  • Identifying bad or unhealthy habits
  • 101 on Who Are You
  • What is a state Citizen/American - national
  • Natural law
  • Romans 13 - Being Self Governed
  • What we have in this Nation
  • Who created you.  Sorry you didn't just randomly get here.
  • What is your potential
  • Empowering your walk
  • Controlling your thoughts
  • Setting your mind on proper things
  • Moving into the protections both lawfully and spiritually
This new training series starts with this powerful training series called that you get to watch over and over.  This will help you so much in taking back the parts of the mind that have been stolen from you through school or indoctrination or just plain listening to the wrong people. 

This is going to set you on course for your entire life.  It really will be a new beginning for you. 

God Bless and see you there!!

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a citizen of the united states is different than a UNITED STATES CITIZEN. A non citizen , non resident american national means that a natural person was born onto the land of america and one of we the people of the bill of rights. using the term citizen will place a person under congressional legislation. A U.S. CITIZEN is a corporate fiction UNDER CONGRESS and the jurisdiction thereof.